Black and White Rose wallpaper

Black and White Rose wallpaper

Why have some rabid bizarre opinions become a regular part of the media, The extreme-right way to make a buck

Corsi is frank about his motives for writing “The Obama Nation.” As he told the New York Times this week: “The goal is to defeat Obama. I don’t want Obama to be in office.”

That’s clear enough from the text. You can pretty well sum the whole thing up this way: The Democratic candidate is a deceitful jihadist drug addict who, if elected, plans to impose a black supremacist, socialist regime.

Obama’s campaign learned from Kerry’s experience, and you can go to its website to see a point-by-point, factual rebuttal of Corsi’s book. Other organizations — notably Media Matters — have posted similar analyses. It’s pretty convincing stuff, not least because Corsi so frequently refers to the Illinois senator’s own books and almost invariably gets it wrong.

Corsi seems to be popping up everywhere. If the media thinks that People like Corsi really have something valuable to contribute to the public debate then why not bring on the people that think they’re Jesus Christ. How about people that think that believe in the Geocentric model of the universe. if the battle of ideas or fair and balanced now includes people like Corsi that can’t tell the difference between their delusion insults and reality, then don’t we really need to get the ball rolling on giving every nutjob their time in the spotlight too. More here, Mainstreaming Crazy

[   ]…but the job of a book like this isn’t necessarily to get people to buy the book, but rather to legitimize some of these existent themes by having it be publicly discussed. It’s another way of getting out the word, that’s all. They don’t care if the media is refuting it or not — after all it’s the “liberal media.”

McCain trips up on net neutrality

McCain tech policy: crack down on piracy, fix patent mess

It is unclear what exactly determines when he will support regulation and when he will not. His policy paper claims that he supports regulation in cases where it is needed to protect consumers, but he explicitly opposes net neutrality despite clear evidence of abuses by major telecom companies.

McCain thinks corporate America will be swell and fair guardians of the net. Much like they’ve been good guardians of American jobs and the environment i guess. McCain also thinks Internet “piracy” is a global epidemic. That would be code for using our law enforcement resources to get those twelve year olds downloading the occasional mp3Piracy is one ill that is out there, but too low on the scale of priorities to get outraged about. Letting coporations choke off bandwidth where and when they like is something deserving of outrage.

Harbor Boats wallpaper. The developers of the plug-in I used to help create the effect call this brown black&white.

McCain and his mother don’t recall old lawsuits

In the 1990 lawsuit, John and Carol McCain jointly sought $1 million in punitive damages after a property management firm mistakenly threw out some McCain family treasures from a garage the McCains shared with an adjacent townhouse. The lost items included letters McCain wrote to his wife as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.

In his e-mail, Bounds said McCain “had no knowledge of the suit: He did not authorize the suit or participate in its filing.”

But the lawyer who represented the McCains said she did indeed speak to McCain and get his permission to sue on his behalf.

In itself not that big an issue, but it shows a tendency shared by Bush and Cheney to lie in situations where the truth wouldn’t have hurt all that much with the general public. On the other hand maybe the McCain doesn’t want to rankle the right-wingers who think its a crime to sue someone for damages or to recover property.