The infallibility of Saint McCain

Back from his break Senator Obama points out McCain’s double back flip on off shore drilling ( which shouldn’t be an issue since oil companies aren’t even using their current leases – Just what are the companies doing with the tens of millions of acres they’re already leasing from the federal government?). Then points out there are few differences between Johnny McSame and George, No more hugs . Nothing startling here in terms of running for office and pointing up the other guy’s liabilities. Then Senator Obama demonstrates something extraordinary in modern American politics and shows in his defense of McCain why Obama should be the next president,

Even so, Obama stepped to McCain’s defense when a voter criticized his Vietnam era record. A Naval aviator, McCain spent 5- 1/2 years as a prisoner of war there after being shot down and badly wounded.

“Respectfully I’m going to disagree with you on McCain and his service,” Obama said. “I think his service was honorable. He deserves respect.”

Contrast that with McCain’s cheesy ad campaigns with its racial undertones. This little blog and a sea of liberal bloggers have all paid respects to McCain’s suffering. Yes hand in hand with severe criticism of McCain’s far right political policies. Then has been nothing like that reciprocity on the Right. The only politics they seem to know are sleaze, usually false attacks and manufactured outage. Now according to McCain’s campaign staff you can’t even point out Mccain’s lies,They Did It

Nicolle Wallace, a spokeswoman for Mr. McCain, said on Sunday night that Mr. McCain had not heard the broadcast of the event while in his motorcade and heard none of the questions.

“The insinuation from the Obama campaign that John McCain, a former prisoner of war, cheated is outrageous,” Ms. Wallace said.

Well ok then. The man is incapable of cheating because he was a POW. We shall hear no more about it.

McCain’s former experiences as a POW have magically bestowed upon him some kind of mortal infallibility. I don’t personally know any former Vietnam POWs, but I know quite a few vets from that war and most had some plenty horrible experinces including near fatal wounds, are they beyond criticism too. If they run for office is debate off the table because even the mere act of debate somehow impugns their service. Republican pundit Ann Coulter once said that a group of 9-11 widows as “self-obsessed” and enjoying their husbands’ deaths. Her complaint was that no one could dare argue with those widws becase they hide behind the deaths of their husbands. The Right of course defended Coulter. The issue wasn’t that Coulter should not be allowed to enjoy her free speech, but if she had issues with the widows to express those differences with some modicum of civility – the 9-11 widows only transgression seemed to be that they disagreed with some of his Royal Highness King George policies. Now we have a Republican campaign that says their candidate is such a saint that discussing his lies and flip flops is some kind of sacrilege. McCain’s attack ads, in light of this attitude would see to support those that claim McCain’s real message is that can’t vote for Senator Obama because he’s “uppity”. The infallible McCain living in a mental bubble, honestly believes that any challenge to him is uppity. Just what the doctor ordered another president with no humility.

McCain achieves sainthood according to his staff

Republicans among their many oft repeated self righteous claims is that they’re in touch with the average American and represent their values, Sunday morning at Saddleback Church

“We are one of those people that make over $250,000 a year, and I don’t agree that that makes us rich,” said Melinda Sacks, who runs her husband’s law office in San Clemente, referring to Obama’s answer at the forum that put her in the “wealthy” category. “Even with that kind of income, we struggle to pay everything we have gotten ourselves into.”

Talk about out of touch. Where are Michelle Malkin and the counter tops inspectors. People struggling on 250 grand a year. The median household income in the U.S. is about fifty thousand a year, which means that about 150 million Americans ( half the population) manages somehow on two hundred grand or more less then these folks. Talk about out of touch. Have they been reduced to buying their Mercedes and Cadillac Escalades slightly used.

I guess I’ll burn in hell for bringing up another issue about which McCain has taken a strong stand on both sides of the issue depending on how the tides were running, John McCain For, Against, Then For A Pro-Choice V.P.

He was for a pro-choice running mate before he was against it before he was for it.

That would be John McCain, who on a Wednesday morning campaign flight, told The Weekly Standard he’d consider a pro-choice running mate to share his ticket this fall. Which is odd, because just four months ago, he told Chris Matthews that it would be “difficult” to choose someone who is pro-choice. Which itself is odd because the last time he ran, McCain made clear that if nominated, he would indeed consider a pro-choice candidate. Which in turn is odd because for twenty years before that, McCain held a nearly perfect anti-choice voting record and firmly held anti-choice views.

What’s even odder is that the pro-choice candidate McCain praised in Wednesday’s Standard interview was Tom Ridge: “he happens to be pro-choice. And I don’t think that would necessarily rule Tom Ridge out.”

Ok that could be more mindless pandering then flip-flopping.