At least two thirds of our miseries…

Robert Dreyfuss writes There’s a lot less than meets the eye in the rumored US-Iraq accord. As of today anyway, how much longer will U.S. troops be in Iraq. Not the 100 years that John McCain would like and not the 16 months that Senator Obama is aiming for. The end of 2011. Because the Bush administration had wanted something like McCain’s indefinite stay ( he has since filp-flopped on that straight talk) this is something approaching good news. Prime Minister Maliki has apparently repeated himself enough times that the Bushies have realized language that sounded like an open ended stay was likely to ratchet up the violence again. Iraq, like us and mst nations has its staunch nationalists and they want us out as a matter of principle. The Kurds still want Kirkuk as part of Kurdistan. The Shiites still don’t like the Sunnis. The Sunnis still want their share of power and oil revenues.

Myths and falsehoods regarding Obama’s votes on “born alive” bills. Ann Coulter displays that Republian sense of humor once again,

while right-wing pundit Ann Coulter said that Obama “wants the doctors … chasing it through the delivery room to make sure it gets killed.”

Post-traumatic stress disorder and brain truma haunt some Iraq vets,

He was also diagnosed with a mild traumatic brain injury, the medical term for concussion. Only there’s nothing mild about it. His experience left him with constant headaches, nausea, garbled hearing, insomnia and alarming memory lapses.

Jerome Corsi: How a Racist, Conspiratorial Crank Became a Top GOP Anti-Obama Point Man

Corsi’s success represents the apotheosis of a long, strange trip from the furthest shores of the right into the national spotlight. During George W. Bush’s first term, Corsi was a little-known financial services marketing specialist. In 1995, according to the Boston Globe, he coaxed twenty people into a shadowy investment venture in Poland that ultimately lost them a total of $1.2 million. “It ruined my career in the brokerage business, and it was a sad story for a lot of people,” said Bradley Amundson, one of those enlisted into Corsi’s bungled scheme. The FBI opened an investigation but never filed any charges.

So much for Conservatives being the go-to people on financial matters. Not that the battered economy that BushCo is leaving isn’t proof enough. Well McCain and long time pal Phil “foreclosure” Gramm think its great.

First Autumn wallpaper

McCain says U.S. lives ‘wasted’ in Iraq; Democrats pounce – 3/1/2007

“Americans are very frustrated, and they have every right to be,” McCain said Wednesday on CBS television’s “Late Show With David Letterman.” “We’ve wasted a lot of our most precious treasure, which is American lives.”

At least two thirds of our miseries spring from human stupidity, human malice and those great motivators and justifiers of malice and stupidity, idealism, dogmatism and proselytizing zeal on behalf of religious or political idols. – Aldous Huxley