Obama versus McCain, Wisdom versus Experience

Experience hasn’t suddenly become an issue this election cycle. If you were following the 2000 elections it was a big factor for one of the candidates, George W. Bush. What did Bush bring to the table in terms of experience. He was a graduate of Yale and Harvards School of Business. He ducked ito Guard service to avoid the regular military and going to Vietnam. Then he proceed to run two businesses into the ground. Because of his family name and connections he finally locked into an easy dollar as one of the co-owners of the Texas Rangers baseball team. He served two terms as governor of Texas. A state that has an inherently weak governorship. The First Gore-Bush Presidential Debate

BUSH: Yes. I take him for his word. Look, I fully recognize I’m not of Washington. I’m from Texas. And he’s got a lot of experience, but so do I. And I’ve been the chief executive officer of the second biggest state in the union.

Even when running for governor Bush tried to make his lack of experience a asset, “Bush, however, proudly touted his lack of public experience, saying it gave him “the freedom to think differently,”

As “chief executive” Bush’s record was shameful. The lack of experience didn’t stop Conservatives from claiming he was the best candidate. Senator McCain didn’t have any, at least public, doubts about supporting him, MCCAIN ‘PROUD TO BE PART’ OF BUSH CRUSADE ARIZ. SENATOR TEAMS WITH FORMER RIVAL TO TOUT CAMPAIGN

George W. Bush and the man he beat for the GOP presidential nomination joined campaign forces yesterday with John McCain declaring himself “proud to be part of this crusade.” The Arizona senator urged his independent supporters to look at Bush now…

Not all that curious in terms of Bush or McCain’s well known two faced approach to politicking. Bush’s complete inexperience at federal level governance and foreign policy didn’t matter at all just eight years ago. Now all the sudden Obama, according to McCain, can’t do the job that McCain said Bush could, even though Senator Obama’s Senate experience and educational background (A graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, and taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School. Currently a member of the U.S. Senate and Chairman, Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on European Affairs. Bush ran for Congress and lost before becoming governor) make him a better canidate then Bush Jr was in 2000.

What did Bush Jr. do to fill in his experience gap. He picked a running mate with experience, Cheney brings experience, loyalty to Bush ticket

As a former defense secretary and congressman, Dick Cheney provides a wealth of international policy and political experience to the Republican presidential ticket — as well as loyalty to two generations of the Bush family.

Now we’re stuck in two quagmires that besides the losses in life are costing nearly a trillion dollars. So much for Cheney’s experience. Maybe if he had bought less experience, less right-wing zealotry and more wisdom and respect for American values we’d be better off. Bush made a point of surrounding himself with familiar names and faces to lessen those concerns about his lack of experience, Bush Says U.S. Should Reduce Nuclear Arms

Mr. Bush’s lack of experience in foreign policy is one of his biggest political vulnerabilities, and he has been making a concerted drive in recent days to speak out on national security issues.

[   ]…To give himself added authority, Mr. Bush spoke while flanked by five prominent experts in national security: Henry A. Kissinger, George P. Shultz, Brent Scowcroft, Colin L. Powell and Donald H. Rumsfeld, several of whom voiced support of Mr. Bush’s ideas. The result was some strange political symbolism as Mr. Bush called for new thinking for a new post-cold-war era, surrounded by some of the architects of the nation’s cold-war arms control treaties.

The New York Times was kind enough to remind voters that they were not just electing Bush. They were electing the team that would help guide his decisions, including Condi Rice, G.W. Bush’s International Policy Team

Among the Vulcans, Ms. Rice is closest by far to Mr. Bush, whom she is leading in a grand global tutorial as she tries to convince others that what he lacks in international knowledge and experience he makes up for in what she calls “good instincts.” (emphasis mine)

Laughable now, but between spin like that and a Supreme Court that didn’t want to be bothered with recounts, the guy with “good intincts” became president. Ceratinly considering the wisdom and centrism displayed in his speech’s and papers Obama coulldn’t do worse then an administration that McCain has voted with the majority of the time, A new series from the Council on Foreign Relations profiles the main foreign policy advisers for Barack Obama

Like other presidential campaigns, Obama’s draws on a long list of advisers on foreign policy matters. The most senior include several ranking Clinton administration officials, the Brookings Institution’s Susan E. Rice, former National Security Adviser Anthony Lake, and former Navy Secretary Richard Danzig.

“This is a team that’s very reflective of Obama, who has made it pretty clear in his speeches and statements during the campaign that he believes that diplomacy has been undervalued over the past few years and that the United States shouldn’t fear to negotiate,” says Derek Chollet, a senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security

Obama, McCain, Bush, Age, Experience, and Wisdom

On several earlier occasions, Obama indicated that he valued wisdom.  In March 2008, when asked what qualities he thought were important in a Supreme Court justice, he referred to former Chief Justice Earl Warren as an example of the type of person he would like to see on the highest court.  Obama said that Warren “had the wisdom to recognize that segregation was wrong less because of precise sociological effects and more so because it was immoral and stigmatized blacks.” Shortly before Obama’s July trip to the Middle East he stated that “Senator Hagel and Senator Reed may be coming with us. Look, they are both experts on foreign policy. They reflect, I think, a traditional bipartisan wisdom when it comes to foreign policy.  Neither of them are ideologues but try to get the facts right and make a determination about what’s best for U.S. interests.”

McCain was in the Senate during Bush’s first term when most Americans had begun to see what a disastrous presidency Bush was. That didn’t stop McCain, the guy that knows how to win wars and capture Osama Been Forgotten from campaigning for him, ”I believe that the president of the United States, since Sept. 11, has led this nation with great strength and clarity, and I believe that he should be re-elected, and I’m confident that he will do so.” So in 2004 with the experience of seeing the nation governed by G.W., McCain’s careful considered reflection was, hey you’re do’n a heck of a job. Like so many issues and the multiple positions he’s taken, McCain’s views on experience are about as useful as a hole in a lifeboat.

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