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Romney: McCain earned his homes; Obama didn’t

Speaking to reporters at a lunch sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor, Romney said that while McCain deserved his houses because of the “hard work” of himself and his family, “Barack Obama got a special deal from a convicted felon.”

Romney like so many Republicans has so much unearned wealth that he’s never learned basic math. Either that or he is proving that he fits in with so many of today’s Republicans, low on integrity and high on propaganda. Probably a little of both. McCain came from a privileged family. Dumped the starter wife and married a woman who got her millions simply by the act of being born. That makes McCain’s wealth unearned by a factor of two – you dear reader are paying for his health-care. Obama never got a deal from Rezko who had not been charged with anything, much less convicted when the Obama’s bought the house with money they worked for. Romney and the Gigolo Johnny’s supporters probably think the word work is French, so just look it up in Websters. Jesse Taylor helps with the definitions, Speak On It, Blake Chinwag!

There’s apparently a new definition of “earning” that means “someone else doing the work and you getting the fruits when they die”.

Andrew Sullivan also wonders what Mitt’s been smoking, “Hard Work”

And so it was rather bizarre to hear him say that John McCain deserves all his houses/mansions/compounds because of the “hard work” of McCain and his wife. McCain, to my knowledge, has never had a private sector job – unless you count working for his father-in-law…

Sullivan gives Romney credit for earning his money. New Math Mitt came from a wealthy family. While most Americans have to work their asses off to earn even a 20th of Mitt’s fortune all he did was move money around and use a spread sheet. Hardly work. It doesn’t even take much brain power as Mitt so obviously proves.

Conservative Astroturf American Issues Project Attacks Obama

A former aide to Mr. McCain’s campaign, Ed Failor Jr., is a leader of the group; Mr. McCain’s campaign has said it has nothing do with the group. It is being backed by a $2.9 million donation from the billionaire investor Harold Simmons, who was also a major funder of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, the group that in 2004 ran a disputed campaign questioning Senator John Kerry’s record as a Swift Boat commander in Vietnam. Mr. Simmons is also a major fundraiser for Mr. McCain.

They’re trying to connect Senator Obama to former Weatherman Bill Ayers. Bill did whatever dirty deeds he did when Obama was eight years old. Obama and some Republicans ended up working on the same anti-poverty project. Obama has every right to try and stop the ads being run by the quixotically named American Issues Project. Label and slander are not considered free speech. Simmons and this piece of political astroturf are nothing more then modern Joseph Goebbels using money to exploit fear and buy public opinion. Its a all part of the the modern Con game. No rational informed person is going to be convinced by all the myths, distortions and outright lies about Senator Obama. I don’t drink the Con-aid so I can only guess that they’re constantly betting on the rabid zealousness of their base and the voter that votes by the loudness and repetition of the most salacious sound bite.

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Obama’s Response Ad Reflects Lessons of 2004

The counter ad is only part of the Obama team’s response. Bauer has written legal letters to television stations, asserting that the Ayers ad is illegal and false, and that its airing is subject to a Federal Election Commission penalty.

[  ]…Efforts to stop the Ayers ad have not come only from the Obama campaign. A film company in Berkeley, Calif., that made an Oscar-nominated documentary in 2004 on the Weather Underground group has issued a cease-and-desist letter to the American Issues Project, saying that it illegally appropriated copyright images from the film for the ad. Brook Dooley, an attorney for the Free History Project, said shots of Ayers speaking into a camera in an interview and the aftermath of a Weather Underground bombing were copyrighted. The group has informed about 150 stations in Ohio and Michigan of its objection, but Dooley said no decisions have been made about legal action.

Senator Obama has no ties to Ayers. Mccain’s ties to convicted felon Jim Hensley are thin, but they’re cloer then Obama’s to Ayers. Which I think is the point William was making in this post, John McCain must explain his ties to felon Jim Hensley. The trolls over there don’t seem to get the point. If its a contest to see who is the most corrupt; Republicans would be a small minority party if they couldn’t buy and smear thier way into office. Cons are the pigs at the trough, to borrow a term. Democrats by comparison are nibblers. Abramoff’s Law Firm Won Praise from McCain After Hiring McCain Advisor to Lobby on Its Behalf.