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There are probably more, its a big internet with all those tubes after all, but the one blog post that I’ve read that speculated about Governor Palin’s alleged pregnancy was poor judgement.  The broadcast media in what might be an historic precedent ventured into blogland to see what all the fuss was about. I guess its nice they noticed the net and bloggers exist. The Right has gone into full faux outrage mode,

Conservative columnist Peggy Noonan: The commenters “are much like what you would have gotten in 1880 if you walked into a bedlam with a megaphone and said, ‘I’d like to say a few words.’ It’s wild, it’s crazy, and it’s awful, and it’s often quite vicious.”

Conservative pundit Tucker Carlson: People are “really underestimating the vitriolic dumbness” that’s out there. “I don’t think there’s any way to understate it. … It’s mostly on the left,” he said, and it’s “totally intolerant.” It’s “the least liberal thing I have ever seen — the default position is ‘I don’t agree with you; you are either stupid or corrupt,’” he said. “I think it’s actually hurting the country.”

Conservative pollster Frank Luntz: “You’re right,” he said to Tucker. “Mean would not describe it. It is as humanly vicious as it possibly can be,” he said, adding that it is “deliberately insulting.” (emphasis mine)

Between cable and radio America has access to 24/7 of right-wing hate and the traditional media rarely covers it. Governor Palin being a paid up member of the glibly named cultural Conservatives was on the radio with a “vicious” “insulting” right-wing shock that some might think is “hurting the country” by the gutter level discourse, Palin Laughs As Opponent Is Called “Bitch,” “Cancer,” Mocked For Her Weight

Early on in the conversation before Palin started to crack up, Lester referred to Sen. Green as a jealous woman and a cancer. Palin, who knows full well Lyda Green is a cancer survivor, didn’t do what any decent person would do, say, “Bob, that’s going too far.”

But as the conversation moved on, Lester intensified his attack on Green.

Lester questioned Green’s motherhood, asking Palin if the senator cares about her own kids. Palin laughs.

Then Lester clearly sets the stage for what he is about to say by warning his large audience and Palin. He says, “Governor you can’t say this but I will, Lyda Green is a cancer and a b—-.” Palin laughs for the second time.

What were teenage boys thinking when they heard the governor laugh at someone being called a b—-? How about the teenage girls who look up to Palin. What did they think when they heard her laugh?

If you took the hate and viciousness out of the Right’s noise machine we’d have pretty much the entirety of Republican pundits out of work. They’d have to go out and find a real job. Its unfortunate that since McCain has thrown Palin into the spot light that her family would be too. Such is the price of public life especially when you belong to the political movement that thinks what goes on in America’s bedrooms and even their ovaries is the governments business. I feel for sorry for Governor Palin’s daughter. To be pregnant at such a young age is probably scary enough. Such subjects are among those Republican’s have staked out in the culture wars. One is that young people are better off being ignorant about sex and its consequences, Palin opposed sex-ed . Now her daughter is going to be the mother of a child who’s father proudly proclaims to the world “Ya f – – – with me I’ll kick [your] ass,” Now rather then being a difficult private matter the whole world knows and has an opinion. Palin, McCain, the right-wing bloggers and Republican pundits have no one to blame, but themselves. If at every turn Conservatives are found to be puritanical hypocrites that think smears substitute for dialogue they can find the person to blame in any mirror. How many Mark Foleys, Larry Graigs, Ted Haggards does it take. How many vicious right-wing radio pundits. How many arrogant zealous big government presidents does it take for the Right to realize they’re over their heads in irony and twisted rationalizations. Leave it to the Right to pile on some righteous indignation with that dose of irony. The Spectator writes ‘Responsibilities of Adulthood’ – Monday, September 01, 2008 @ 1:34:58 PM Posted By: Robert Stacy McCain

Since the McCain campaign has released a statement declaring that 17-year-old Bristol Palin now faces “the responsibilities of adulthood,” might I be so bold as to suggest that they arrange a press conference where Bristol can attempt to address the horrible embarrassment she’s caused her parents?

Excuse my paternal (and political) indignation but I am in no mood for pleas that the media respect anyone’s privacy at this point. I don’t think it an exaggeration to say that this girl (and her boyfriend) have caused a crisis of global significance, and if her parents are serious about “the responsibilities of adulthood,” Bristol ought to face the consequences, including about 45 minutes in front of the klieg lights while reporters shout stupid questions.

It’s not Bristol’s fault her mother was picked as the GOP running mate, but she certainly should have understood how her personal behavior would reflect on her family.

There’s no way to know for sure since my time machine is on the fritz, but maybe Bristol wouldn’t be going through this if her mom would have had a long talk with her about making good decisions and about using protection if she had sex. Maybe the family is lucky that they now have a pergnant daughter, rather then one with AIDS.

What does all this say about McCain or Mr. McExperience or Mr. McGoodjudgement. Selecting Governor Palin came to him like a bolt of bad cider. McCain didn’t properly vet Palin, the person a heartbeat away from the presidency and he has been caught lying about Bristol’s pregnancy, McCain’s Palin Problem

* Barely moments after McCain advisers put out word that McCain had known of Bristol Palin’s pregnancy, the Anchorage Daily News revealed that Palin’s own spokesperson hadn’t known about it only two days ago.

* A senior McCain adviser at the Republican convention was forced into the rather embarrassing position of arguing that McCain had known about the pregnancy “last week” — without saying what day last week he knew about it.

* It came out that Republican lawyers are up in Alaska vetting Palin — now, more than 72 hours after it was announced that she’d been picked.

* Palin lawyered up in relation to the trooper-gate probe in Alaska — a move that ensures far more serious attention to the story from the major news orgs.

McCain jumped to a decision about Palin the way a child makes a decision about a toy. He saw something shiny in the shop window and just had to have it. Probably the most important decision of his campaign and gives America sense of what kind of decision maker he’ll be as president.

The Veteran in a New Field by Winslow Homer

Then there is that little problem that Palin once belonged to the Alaskan Independence Party who at one time  wanted a state wide vote to have Alaska secede from the United States. Members of ‘Fringe’ Alaskan Independence Party Say Palin Was a Member in 90s

“We are a state’s rights party,” says Clark, a self-employed goldminer. The AIP has “a plank that challenges the legality of the Alaskan statehood vote as illegal and in violation of United Nations charter and international law.”

She says it’s not accurate to describe the party as secessionist — they just want a vote, she says, adding that the members of the AIP hold different opinions on what Alaska should be.

“My own separate opinion as an individual is that we should be an independent nation,” Clark says. Others in the AIP “believe that being a commonwealth would be a good avenue to follow.” Some advocate statehood — but a fuller statehood than exists now.

She doesn’t know what Palin’s position was.

“It never came up in conversation,” Clark recalls. “But when she joined the party, our platform was right under her nose.”

If New York or Kansas want to vote on it, you know just want to vote on whether they want to continue to be a state or form their own country that’s not being a secessionist. There’s a great idea for a book or dictionary. What words mean to regular Americans and what they mean to the Right.

Its a Gallup poll so might be off by a few points in either direction, Poll: Obama gets post-convention ‘bounce’

In the head-to-head race, Obama leads 50%-43% among registered voters. In the USA TODAY Poll taken Aug. 21-23, the Illinois senator held a 4-percentage-point lead.