Bush Thinks McCain is Ready to Lead, McCain Thinks Palin is Ready – The Bizarro GOP

Republican logic: McCain ready to lead because he’s always wrong

It is well  known at this juncture that George W. Bush has set new precedents in rewarding failure, cronyism and corruption. One of the most disturbing examples is the fact that when Condi Rice was Bush’s national security adviser she lied about not having have advanced warning that an attack by Al-Queda was an imminent possibility in 2001. What did Bush do. He rewarded her with a promotion to Secretary of State. This perverse proclivity to reward loyalty over competence is being handed off to Senator John McCain who has a political career that has included convincing the media that he’s a maverick, but has been short on substance. Only Ron Fournier’s AP could title a press release, Bush gives McCain a boost on national security

“I know the hard choices that fall solely to a president,” Bush told delegates, his image beamed before delegates on giant video screens in the Xcel Energy Center. “John McCain’s life has prepared him to make those choices. He is ready to lead this nation.”

McCain has been wrong on so many issues, but supportive of Bush its a fitting end to the fiasco that has been the Bush presidency to reward yet another failure with a ringing endorsement. McCain certainly fits in the Bush pattern of rewarding loyalty over competence. McCain has said that selling Iraq as some great foreboding threat to the national security of the United States was the right thing to do even if he knew in advance that they had no WMD – which he did know. Bush didn’t want to improve or extend the G.I. Bill for veterans of Iraq or Afghanistan and neither did his loyal puppy Johnny McCain. Support a war based on lies and screw over vets, McCain certainly deserves bush’s endorsement for those great judgments. Judgments one assumes that are examples of his applied experience. McCain has flip-flopped on taxes so many times its difficult to keep track. Ultimately he has aligned himself with the modern era of Conservative Borrow and Spend government. This is a cute trick where he borrows on your children’s future to finance his runaway spending today. Mr. Sraight-talk is kinda quiet about his plans for Social Security when he talks to groups of seniors – maybe because he’s flip-flopped on privatization so many times. The master of foriegn policy, the guy that thinks he’s ready to lead would have us start a war with Iran and in one 48 hour period was, as a senator rattling sabors at Russia. Bush and McCain, war as the first option, not the last. In 2007, McCain was the only senator who failed to vote on a motion to invoke cloture (thus limiting debate) on the Energy Independence and Security Act. The U.S. needs to start the move toward sustainable green energy, McCain has lined up with oil interests. Wrong again, so in the vast wasteland that is Republican logic, McCain is ready to lead. Lead us to what, back to the boats to go hunting for some whale oil to light our lanterns. So it only makes sense that McCain would pick someone as VP whose political career seems based on a combination of luck and boot licking, Palin Was a Director of Indicted Republican Sen. Stevens’s 527 Group

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin began building clout in her state’s political circles in part by serving as a director of an independent political group organized by the now embattled Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens.

Palin’s name is listed on 2003 incorporation papers of the “Ted Stevens Excellence in Public Service, Inc.,” a 527 group that could raise unlimited funds from corporate donors. The group was designed to serve as a political boot camp for Republican women in the state. She served as one of three directors until June 2005, when her name was replaced on state filings.

Palin is the running mate that McCain has called a reformer who has stood up to corruption. Maybe he’s not lying. There’s just something wrong with the mirror that Republicans use to view themselves. Palin fits the pattern set by Bush, reward loyalty over competence, values, good judgement and values. McCain and Palin have values, they’re just not good ones. Palin thinks we’re in Iraq because it is part of God’s plan,

“Pray for our military men and women who are striving to do what is right. Also, for this country, that our leaders, our national leaders, are sending [U.S. soldiers] out on a task that is from God,” she exhorted the congregants. “That’s what we have to make sure that we’re praying for, that there is a plan and that that plan is God’s plan.”

Praying for the troops is one thing. To descibe the U.S. presense there as part of some Messianic mission is delusional. Founder Of Group Palin Courted Professed “Hatred For The American Government”; Cursed “Damn Flag”

The founder of the Alaska Independence Party — a group that has been courted over the years by Sarah Palin, and one her husband was a member of for roughly seven years — once professed his “hatred for the American government” and cursed the American flag as a “damn flag.”

The AIP founder, Joe Vogler, made the comments in 1991, in an interview that’s now housed at the Oral History Program in the Rasmuson Library at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

Johnny Hothead called Palin his soulmate. Maybe people were too quick to make fun of that possibility.

James Wolcott’s take on Palin and the pregnancy gossip, The Bristol Stomp

I can answer that. Mona Charen, Ann Coulter, and Michelle Malkin would sprout bat wings and fangs and start divebombing, Peggy Noonan would issue a pained sigh that would ruffle nun’s robes from here to Hoboken, Laura Ingraham and Bill Bennett would engage in a finger-wagging contest to condemn our loose licentious liberal culture, and Jennifer Rubin at Commentary’s Contentions would crash into the wall doing cartwheels.

According to Pam Geller at Atlas Shrugs (no link), it’s actually Annie Lebowitz’s fault that Palin’s daughter went astray, something to do with the tarting up of Miley Cyrus in Vanity Fair. Conservatives used to make fun of liberals for blaming everything on “society” (“It’s society’s fault that so many young men turn to crime”), but “the culture” has become their default setting for culpability. Practice what you preach doesn’t seem to have occured to them.

It is the hypocrisy and irony of a VP candidate and her party that is the issue not playing voyeur into their personal lives. How many rants have we read from the Malkins and Coulters about Democrats personal lives. Now they’re getting some of that shoved back, they’ve cranked up the fake outrage volume to deafening levels. They can’t manage their own kids and want their boot in your door to manage yours. The standard response from the coached Republican delegates when asked about Bristol, is to say that its a personal matter. Now if they could just understand what those words mean.  The Bizarro GOP – The first real night of the Republican Convention was all about contradictions.

John McCain was celebrated for bucking entrenched interests, even in his own party. He was praised for standing up to Republican icon Ronald Reagan just after Reagan had been heralded with a video. Sarah Palin was also cheered for bucking her party. The crowd roared to hear that McCain would change Washington, D.C.—even though that same crowd had just cheered loudly for George Bush, the leader of their party and the person most responsible for the situation that needs changing.

McCain’s been in Washington for a quarter century. What’s he been doing, holding back.