Black and White Driftwood wallpaper

Driftwood black and white wallpaper

This is probably one McCain-Palin scandal that the public can consider buried, Team McCain and the Trooper

When the “troopergate” story broke over the summer, Palin adamantly denied that anybody in her administration exerted any pressure on Monegan to fire Wooten. But only weeks later, a tape recording surfaced in which another one of her top aides, Frank Bailey, was heard telling a police lieutenant, “Todd and Sarah are scratching their heads, ‘Why on earth hasn’t this, why is this guy [Wooten] still representing the department?'”

One, Palin’s lawyer is claiming that the investigation has been politicized. Two, Palin and her husband are claiming the trooper was a threat to their family. Palin’s public relation equivalent of McCain answering questions about everything from his favorite music to health-care policy with the letters P-O-W. Josh Marshall notes that seven associates that had previously agreed to give depositions in the case have suddenly changed their mind while there will still be subpoenas issued, Palin will not be getting one. This is the kind of genuine elitism that Republican pols get away with year after year, election after election. A Google search of Bush administration+number of subpoenas gives one a ballpark idea of what it means to even attempt to hold  Republicans accountable to the law just like any other American would be. The kool-aid drinkers honestly believe that they are above the everyday workings of our judicial system, so they are unlikely to be swayed by news like this. On the other hand if Palin’s campaign mission is to win over the soccer moms and working class they might not understand why Palin, if she truly has nothing to hide, will not be as open and cooperate as any other ordinary citizen would be.

Black and White rain on elephant ear. Elephant ear is the common name for this plant.

Palin the real scandal

Governor Palin wants to start open-cast coal mining to Alaska’s Brooks Range Mountains. Open-cast is a British term, in the U.S. we call it open-pit or stripe mining. Some photos are on Wikipedia. Interesting video from 1956 of a British open pit mining operation.

Palin has been of great help to Chevron, allowing them to dump three times the amount of toxic waste then was previously allowed in Cook Inlet. So much for standing up to special interest. Everyone probably knows that Alaskans can claim a share of the state’s oil profits. Palin has been happy to use that system to grease the wheels of public relations.

Palin has been a backer of air plane wolf hunts. This is a practice where the planes are used to tire the wolfs to the point of exhaustion. The hunter then jumps out shoots them. Many Alaskans are hunters, but public support for continuing to allow this practice is almost non-existent. A few special interests, with Palin’s help just will not let the people of Alaska have the final say. I guess this is what it means to be a “pit-bull in lipstick”.

Palin worked on foreign fishing issues

We all understand resume padding. A survey in the New York area released in 2002 showed that 89% of job seekers padded their resumes, but this is beyond ridiculous, GOP strategist: Palin’s foreign policy experience stems from ‘fishing issues’ with Russia. Next week they’ll reveal that she’s a master at diplomacy because she eats at Italian and Chinese restaurants.


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