Keeping Up With Palin and McCain

Some quick links. Some new and some in case you missed them.

Pretty much indispensable and the count seems to go up everyday, Fact Checking McCain. 55 lies by Johnny and Sarah as of today. Good thing they’re basing their campaign on change otherwise we wouldn’t get our daily dose of irony.

Candidate McCain Violates U.S. Naval Academy Honor Code.

During the Republican convention in St. Paul, Fred Thompson offered a folksy if bizarre recounting of John McCain’s rebellious days at the United States Naval Academy. But while McCain’s bottom-of-his-class record there was “loaded with demerits,” Thompson assured Americans, “he never violated the honor code.” That may or may not have been true about John McCain’s days at Annapolis. But there can be no doubt that with his avalanche of lies, distortions and smears, candidate John McCain is violating that code today.

I’m sure that many graduates of the Naval Academy are repulsed by McCain’s behavior, but the Right is eating it up and that is what seems to matter.

In Family Values. McCain has lost his half sister in-law’s vote as well as a cousin. GOP delegate’s hotel tryst goes bad when he wakes up with $120,000 missing

The People’s Guide to the Conservative Palinguage Vol. 3: Market Meltdown Edition! Which wouldn’t be necessary if Republicans did ever engage in actual straight talk.

Democrats who balance the budget and lower unemployment are tax and spend liberals. Republicans who run record deficits and crash the housing market are fiscally responsible.

Five former U.S. state secretaries urge Iran talks. The list includes Dubya’s former Secretary of State Colin Powell. Just eight years ago he was frequently mentioned as a potential presidential candidate.

How is McCain connected to the almost bankrupt AIG?

A bipartisan effort, no doubt about it. But nobody made it more of a sacred mission to ensure that credit derivatives were kept unregulated than Senator Gramm, long recognized as the key force in the passage of the Commodities Future Modernization Act of 2000, which specifically exempted new derivative markets from government oversight.

Until Gramm stuck his foot in America’s mouth with his whiners comment a couple months ago he was Change McCain’s chief economic adviser.

Bush’s Buddy McCain Running as Reformer

Hello? If McCain Had His Way, That’d Be Our Social Security Money Wall St. is Losing

When George W. Bush made it to term #2, he decided to try to privatize social security to reward his supporters on Wall Street with a new source of capital, customers, and fees. (Those would be the same people whose firms are now cratering under the weight of the bad debt they recklessly took on while Republican regulators looked the other way). But as it turned out, we Americans were not about to let our elected representatives turn over our social security taxes to Wall Street financiers to gamble with if it meant losing the guaranteed income that has allowed millions upon millions of American seniors to live out their sunset years with at least a basic measure of dignity.

But while ordinary Americans spoke out, John McCain stood with Bush (hugged him awkwardly in public, even), against the American people. In fact, just six months ago, McCain again let slip his fondness for privatization.

I wonder if the Conservative snakes running the push-poll smearing Obama are trying to counter McCain’s flip-floppery over Social Security, Jewish voters report calls disparaging Obama

Jewish voters in Florida and at least one other state are being targeted by a telephone survey tying Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama to Palestinian causes, an advocacy group alleged Monday.

The Jewish Council for Education in Research says at least two women in separate states were push polled, or asked questions intended to influence voters while pretending to take a poll, on Sunday afternoon from a caller who said he was from Research Strategies.

Joelna Marcus says she became uncomfortable when the caller asked if she was Jewish, whether she was Orthodox and how often she attends synagogue.

The caller then asked if Marcus would be influenced if she learned that Obama had donated money to the Palestine Liberation Organization. The caller also asked how she would vote if she learned that someone on the Illinois senator’s staff had close ties to Palestine.

Marcus, a 71-year-old former college professor, said she was furious.

“I said you’re not polling me. This is un-American. This is unacceptable,” said Marcus, a snowbird who lives in New Jersey and has a house in Key West. “And then this is the scary part. He said if you had not said that you were Jewish, you would have been disqualified.”

According to TPM, Research Strategies has advisers connected to the campaign of, you know that guy that swore to the honor code at the Naval Academy.

McCain Rips “Fat Cats” Instrumental In Funding His Campaign. Once you walk off the deep end on the lie your way to the White House road it apparently becomes addictive.

The initial infatuation phase seems to have peaked and it is trending downward, Palin’s Favorability Numbers Eroding

Too bad all the people squeezed in the housing ad financial crisis can’t collect a nickel for every time Republicans claimed they were better for the economy, Recent Republican Presidents Aren’t Conservatives; They Are Illiberals

I would contend that, not just George W. Bush, but also Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and (to a lesser extent) George H.W. Bush, all — in sharp distinction from their conservative rhetoric – in practice have been interventionist.  They have all wandered, far from the principles of good neoclassical economics, and far from from the principles of small government and laissez faire.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and company have ordered an investigation into Wall Street. Which Mccain and his supporters shouldn’t have a problem with since McCain said he favored such investigations. Right?

Sarah Palin’s powerful “First Dude”

Todd Palin has exerted unusual influence on his wife’s Alaska government. In Washington, their methods would do Bush and Cheney proud.

What Todd Palin’s role seems to underscore is the extent to which his wife has run Alaska without engaging in the normal machinations of government. Insiders say Palin pays scant attention to the day-to-day workings of the bureaucracy that employs about 15,000 people. John McCain’s campaign has used that number of employees to talk up Palin as having the executive experience necessary to be vice-president, or president — but critics say she hasn’t displayed an understanding of the details needed to manage even a state as sparsely populated as Alaska.

Remember Todd is the one that belonged to a group that advocated Alaska sucession. Something that Abe Lincoln and a few other Americans once considered treason.