Prejudice, Political Records, and The Wrong Financial Bailout

Will Prejudice Trump Economy For Voters?

The poll does show that many whites who see blacks in a negative light are still willing (or even eager) to vote for Obama. But statistical models derived from the poll suggest that Obama’s support would be as much as 6 percentage points higher if there were no white racial prejudice.

Former Virginia Governor Douglas Wilder had a few point lead in the polls before going on to become that state’s first black governor. His final victory was by less then one percent. The one big factor in Obama’s direction is his favor-ability ratings. In the same survey above Senator Obama leads in popularity and intelligence among voters and scores well on common values in this poll – More Americans, 66%, Think Obama, Not McCain, Shares Their Values . While blogtopia may see McCain, and rightly so, as the man behind the mask, the public thinks they know him. Liberal bloggers tend to be those voters that look behind the curtain, political geeks so to speak. How to get the general public to take a long hard look at McCain record, including his flip flops is something only a well organized political campaign like Obama’s is equipped to do. People powered publishing is great, but the reality is that a large portion of voters still make up their minds based on TV sound bites.

The Right including Fox, the syndicated print pundits and the netnuts are working overtime to Swiftboat Senator Obama and they are having some success, The Push to ‘Otherize’ Obama

A Pew Research Center survey released a few days ago found that only half of Americans correctly know that Mr. Obama is a Christian. Meanwhile, 13 percent of registered voters say that he is a Muslim, compared with 12 percent in June and 10 percent in March.

[   ]…The online Red State Shop sells T-shirts, mugs and stickers exploiting the idea. Some shirts and stickers portray a large “O” with horns, above a caption: “The Anti-Christ.”

[   ]…In fact, of course, Mr. Obama took his oath on the Bible, not — as the rumors have it — on the Koran. He is far more active in church than John McCain is.

(Just imagine for a moment if it were the black candidate in this election, rather than the white candidate, who was born in Central America, was an indifferent churchgoer, had graduated near the bottom of his university class, had dumped his first wife, had regularly displayed an explosive and profane temper, and had referred to the Pakistani-Iraqi border …)

The last paragraph of course describes John McCain. That the Right manages to turn every locale where a Democrat is born into a hedonistic bastion of the far left should be insulting to everyone, we are the United States after all, but they some how get away with it. One blogger in an on going one fingered salute to that mentality keeps referring to McCain as Panama Johnny. Black Americans are well aware of the hidden black tax when they enter the world of business or politics. Add in the hidden tax that goes with being a moderate Democrat, it will be something close to miraculous for Obama to claim victory. McCain’s history in politics is clear enough, as is Palin’s Cheneyish view of governance. Yet they campaign as though they’re entitled to live at 1600 Penn Ave. How dare America examine their records which are filled with corruption, flip flops, pandering and an extremely poor grasp of the principles that should guide their governance. Sarah Palin Linked Her Electoral Success to Prayer of Kenyan Witch Hunter

Bankrupt AIG Underwrote McCain’s ‘Reform Institute’

John McCain is making a big show of criticizing the government “bailout” of insurance giant AIG. But it turns out that AIG, which received $85 billion in US tax dollars earlier this week, is one of the largest donors to McCain’s pet think tank, the comically named “Reform Institute,” which he co-founded in 2001 “in direct response to the millions of Americans who, during the 2000 presidential campaign, expressed profound disillusionment with corrupt fundraising activities.”

McCain’s Reform Institute was a kind of trial balloon for McCain’s current campaign. It had Reform in the title. many people, including some Democrats climbed on board thinking that it was as McCain advertised. Some background on McCain’s VooDoo Reformism.

McCain’s less then great environmental record.

In every case, McCain voted against renewables, as did Sen. “Global warming is ‘the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people'” Inhofe. On the Energy Policy Act of 2005, the biggest congressional effort to push alternative energy in more than a decade, McCain voted against it along with just 11 other senators. Even Inhofe voted for it.

The Conservative Origins of the Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis

This isn’t surprising, considering who was at the negotiating table when the Bush administration, led by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, forged the plan. The key players were the mortgage service companies (who collect the homeowner’s monthly payments, or foreclose when they fall behind) and groups representing investors holding the mortgages, dominated by Wall Street banks. The Bush plan reflected both groups’ calculation that — for some loans — they would do better temporarily freezing interest rates than foreclosing. Groups who represent consumers — ACORN, the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, the Greenlining Institute, Neighborhood Housing Services, and the Center for Responsible Lending — were not invited to the negotiation.

I don’t know that Paulson would be the last person in the world I’d write a 700 billion dollar check to, but he’d be close to the bottom. How the Bush Administration Stopped the States From Stepping In to Help Consumers

Text of the Bailout Is Authoritarianism At Its Worst

Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency.

Which is part of what prompted The Agonist open letter to Senator Obama,

Having worked for many years in the banking industry and been closely involved with risk management and derivatives, I can tell you that it looks like catastrophe is already here.

What Sec. Paulson wants you to believe is that catastrophe is approaching, but it can be averted if only Congress acts urgently to give him the extraordinary authority he is requesting. The implication is if you don’t give him $700 billion in borrowing authority within a week, markets will collapse and it will be all your fault.

We’ve seen this drill before, with the Patriot Act and with the Iraq War authorization. The scare tactics, the urgency, the implied threat of blame for any failure – this is what the Bush administration does. Some of you in the Senate were able to stand up to this pressure, and that type of strength is desperately needed now.

[   ]…Paulson is basically rolling you and the rest of Congress into giving him unprecedented power to protect his friends on Wall Street. This decision you are making is probably as momentous as the Iraq War resolution. Don’t fall for this bailout disguised as the only way to prevent Armageddon. Armageddon is already here – at least for the big banks – and it needs an entirely different solution. Spend our money protecting us, by ensuring the FDIC is properly funded, by throwing these too-big-to-fail banks into bankruptcy if they truly are insolvent, by preserving the healthy parts of these banks while in bankruptcy, and bringing them back out again so they function under much better safety and soundness regulations. We’ve had airlines functioning properly and safely for years while in bankruptcy, and there is no reason we can’t do the same with banks.

While I took a large chunk of it the whole letter is worth a read.

Antique World map 1755

“As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there’s a twilight where everything remains seemingly unchanged, and it is in such twilight that we must be aware of change in the air, however slight, lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness.” – William Douglas