McCain and Republicans Terrorized America, but That’s OK

McCain and Palin’s party terrorized America

The Right is tiresome in its predictability. They work much like a gauge in septic tank. When they get down to a certain level they automatically fill the tank with with sewage. Palin Goes After Obama-Ayers Connection.

“Our opponent, though, is someone who sees America, it seems, as being so imperfect, imperfect enough that he’s palling around with terrorists who would target their own country,” Palin told supporters at a $1,000-a-plate fundraiser in Englewood. “Americans need to know this.”

Thus the inspiration for the cartoon. The quote from Palin is especially ironic coming from a woman who attended the meetings of  political extremists who advocated breaking Alaska away from statehood. No Palin was not a member, but her husband, who has been called the shadow govenor of Alaska was. Th mainstream media has been so cowed by the Right, as Kathleen Parker recently found out simply for being critical of Palin, it is little wonder that we never hear words like sedition or treasonous in relation to the fear mongering and lies told by McCain and his fellow Republicans in the run up to and subsequent occupation of Iraq. What is that called when a political party uses coercion and America’s political system to get the country bogged down in a needless bloody conflict. At least one definition of treason is to conspire to bring harm to your country – Senate Report: Bush Used Iraq Intel He Knew Was False. Its politically incorrect or impolite to suggest that the frat boy draft evader with the fake ranch and the majority of the Republican party conspired to sell the United States this load of garbage, but it is OK to say that since Ayers may have committed some crime at about the time Senator Obama was eight years old, and then happen to do charitable work in Chicago as result of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge for Obama to be considered as condoning Ayers behavior. The NYT piece points out that Annenberg was Nixon’s ambassador to United Kingdom. Anneberg was also a close friend of Ronald Reagan. If the game is guilt by loose association then why isn’t Annenberg being accused of actually funding the former Weatherman, Bill Ayers. Does every American now have the moral responsibility to do a background check on everyone that works in the same building. Because Republicans have decided if you work in the same area as a child molester, or murderer or former member of some radical group you’re as dirty as they are, even if its been years since their alleged crimes and has tried to clean up their life. If you’re a Republican that has associated with treasonous groups or manipulated the country into war you have nothing to worry about because as we all know a Republican’s septic tank never stinks.

America gets mugged by Republicans

Foreclosures and the Right to Vote

The foreclosure crisis could do considerable damage to the nation’s voting system. More than a million people have lost their homes in the past two years. And because voter registration is based on people’s residences, they could face politically motivated challenges at the polls.

The problem may be especially acute in the presidential battleground states. In Ohio, more than 5 percent of home mortgages are seriously delinquent or in the foreclosure process, and there were more than 67,000 foreclosure actions in the first half of 2008. Michigan and Florida have also been hard hit.

There are a large number of advocacy groups and other programs that work to ensure that minorities, the disabled and students are able to cast ballots. Because the foreclosure crisis is so recent, not much work has been done to ensure that people who lose their homes do not also lose their chance to vote.

Many of the hardest-hit neighborhoods are low- income and minority areas, which tend to vote Democratic. That means officials have to be extra vigilant to ensure that Republicans do not use foreclosure lists to challenge voters. There was a dust-up recently in Michigan, after a progressive Web site quoted the Republican chairman of Macomb County as saying that his party planned to do just that. He and the party insist there are no such plans, but the Barack Obama campaign has filed suit to block foreclosure-based challenges.

If, as Republicans claim, they had nothing to do with the housing and Wall St crisis why are they so afraid of people going to the polls. The preemptive Republican war on voters is much like the McCain campaign’s decision to go with nothing, but attack ads. They know from the polls they cannot win by engaging voters on the issues and playing fair. Remember this recent post at Slate, First Palin, Then Campaign Suspension. What Now? Slate predicts McCain’s next 10 Hail Mary stunts. We have McCain’s next hail Mary. Throw as many smears at Obama-Biden in the next month as they can. McCain has spent what honor he had left. If he appears even more capricious and bizarre then the past two months its not like he’s changing the game as much as increasing the volume. The McCain lie counter is up to 104. Who knows maybe McCain thinks politics is like baseball and is trying for 230.