McCain’s Campaign to Nowhere

The Campaign to Nowhere opening soon at a rally near you

The McCain-Palin rallies are scaring some Democrats Republicans,

John McCain: If your campaign does not stop equating Sen. Barack Obama with terrorism, questioning his patriotism and portraying Mr. Obama as “not one of us,” I accuse you of deliberately feeding the most unhinged elements of our society the red meat of hate, and therefore of potentially instigating violence.

Its difficult to ell whether some of these people are so unhinged they would take that next step. If crowd behavior at these rallies is making some Republicans nervous, maybe its time for concern. The best way to assure the general public that McCain supporters are not going to take the hateful rhetoric to the next level is for McCain to lead them toward less threatening behavior. Which he tried to do and was booed for, Supporters jeer as McCain calls Obama ‘a decent person’

“Who is the real Barack Obama?” McCain asked repeatedly.

Crowds at McCain’s rallies have responded zealously, including a handful who saluted Obama’s name with violent threats and cries of “treason,” “terrorist,” and “bum.” The incidents became the subject of extensive media attention, and apparent interest from the Secret Service.

Earlier yesterday, Obama responded directly to the attacks, telling people at a rally in Ohio: “I think that folks are looking for something different. It’s easy to rile up a crowd by stoking anger and division. But that’s not what we need right now in the United States. The times are too serious. The challenges are too great.”

It would be great to give McCain some credit for defending Senator Obama as a decent family man, someone who has accomplished a lot, especially considering his very modest working class background, but even as McCain said those words he still has that “Who is the real Barack Obama?” ad running regularly and has repeated that phrase at numerous rallies. Faux News has been more then glad to help McCain echo those fears of the oh so ominous other. Nazi official Dr. Achim Gercke wrote in a speech called Solving the Jewish Question,

All proposals that include a permanent presence, a permanent regulation of the Jews in Germany, do not solve the Jewish Question, for they do not eliminate the Jews from Germany (denn sie lösen die Juden nicht von Deutschland). And that is what we want to do. If the Jews are able to exploit their host peoples forever, they will remain a constant source of the open, destructive flame of Bolshevism, making it easy to repeatedly kindle it again, not to mention the political uncertainties resulting from disunity within the people and the danger to racial unity. Let us swear off such thinking forever, whether it results from poor thinking or evil intentions. To summarize, the state can and must focus on systematical elimination, on emigration.

McCain supporters and right-wing pundits have described Senator Obama as “Arab”, “Terrorist”, “communist (Bolshevism)”, “socialist”, “traitor”, “palling around with terrorists”, in addition to constant reframes about his otherness such as “who is Barack Obama,” – rabid Right web sites and rightie viral email are partly to blame. The Right’s legacy of eliminationism continues with the McCain camp. If they now think its out of control and can sense the backlash, John and the soccer mom have only themselves to blame. One often repeated rhetorical device is the request that Senator Obama or his wife “explain” this or that “relationship”. Senator Obama does owe an explanation of his resume to the American people and has given one. Mccain supporters always reply its not good enough. The problem is that Mccain and his surrogates are being dishonest. They’re not interested in honest debate about issues and the future of the country, no explanation would ever be good enough. Its a game and they know it. So the media faced with all this evidence that Mccain has created a toxic campaign environment what does the big bad liberal media do. They take up for him, CBS News’s Bob Schieffer – “I’d like to think that maybe it’s not McCain himself, but some of those around him.” I record the CBS Morning Show occassionaly and Schieffer seems like a nice guy with good intentions, but its that very quality that might be keeping him from calling things the way they are.

Beltway journalists — so long in love with John McCain — seem to have trouble accepting this, but John McCain owns his campaign. He’s responsible for it. Its actions are his actions. It is him. You can like it, dislike it, whatever. But it’s his campaign. Journalists and pundits shouldn’t give him credit for leaving the extra-nasty lines to his minions.

Some people seem confused as to what constutes voter fraud (PDF),

Voter fraud only occurs if someone tries to improperly cast a vote. “It’s not voter fraud unless someone shows up at the voting booth on election day and tries to pass himself off as ‘Tony Romo.’ And who would try to do that?” wrote Rep. Jesse Jackson (D-IL). The Brennan Center for Justice noted that “there are no reports that we have discovered of votes actually cast in the names of [false] registrants.”

Its not a good thing that there are a few people that have registered to vote more then once, but its not a serious crime until someone tries to vote multiple times under the same name or aliases.

‘Economists For McCain’ Trash McCain’s New Mortgage Plan

George W.Bush is still president and an weak spined terrorist appeaser. The Right would be calling him that if he was a Democrat, Bush to remove N. Korea from terror list to save nuke deal

Art Brown, a former senior U.S. intelligence analyst, said that Japan would consider Bush’s removal of North Korea from the terrorism list “a major affront. I know that the Japanese strongly object to this action.”

Brown, a former National Intelligence Officer for East Asia, said that he favors tough diplomacy with North Korea, but opposes Bush’s move. “In some ways, we are reinforcing bad behavior by the North Koreans,” he said.

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