Patriot Alert: Missing – Republicans That Respect Constitution

Patriot Alert

According to some polling about the presidential candidates strengths the only area where McCain has a slight lead is national security. Weird since McCain has been wrong, keeps declaring how proud he is of being wrong and has plans to continue to be wrong. While McCain Backs Petraeus, General Sounds Notes That Harmonize With Democratic Nominee

In saying that, Petraeus implicitly allied with U.S. Army Gen. David McKiernan, the U.S. commander in Afghanistan. Last week, McKiernan rejected the idea of replicating the blend of counterinsurgency strategy employed in Iraq. “The word that I don’t use in Afghanistan is the word ’surge,’” McKiernan said,

The surge in Iraq benefited from some very lucky timing and the fact that between genocide and mass exodus of millions of Iraqis there were fewer people left to kill. The goal of the surge was political reconciliation, the current state of which McCain’s man Petraeus sees as “fragile”( New U.S. intelligence report warns ‘victory’ not certain in Iraq.) The multiple sides of the Iraqi government could decide to stop arguing and start shooting. If that happens will McCain still be trying to hog some undeserved credit. McCain has said that in speech after speech and in at least one ad that, shutter the thought, Senator Obama wants to have the possibility of talks on the table. Petraeus agrees with Obama, not McCain,

Petraeus said, “You have to talk to enemies.” He added that it was necessary to have a particular goal for discussion and to perform advance work to understand the motivations of his interlocutors.

[  ]…Yet Petraeus emphasized throughout his lecture that reaching out to insurgent groups — some “with our blood on their hands,” he said — was necessary to the ultimate goal of turning them against irreconcilable enemies like Al Qaeda in Iraq.

Petraeus favorably cited the example of one of his British deputies, who in a previous assignment had to negotiate with Martin McGuiness of the Irish Republican Army, responsible for killing some of the British commander’s troops. The British officer, Petraeus said, occasionally wanted to “reach across the table” and choke his former adversary but understood that such negotiations were key to ending a war.

McCain’s attempt to use Bill Ayers and the guilt by association game has an element of his foreign policy in it. McBush and his supporters think that merely speaking to someone makes you guilty of something. McCain feels on some level that, maybe talking is might give the other side an upper hand. That notion denotes a common insecurity among many of today’s Conservatives. As Bush’s recent negotiations with North Korea show they also end up eating some crow. Another four years of an administration that blusters and talks out both sides of its two faces is something the American people would be better off without.

Peak Wingnut? You. Have. No. Idea. As I was doing the daily news rounds and checking on a few reactions by blogtopia I saw the Righties flogging the tired old birth certificate story, still trying very hard to push that sleaze fest about terrorist friends. I completely ignored the root nuts rumor about Senator Obama not writing his own book. Now according to John Cole they’re pushing, but like you know, don’t mean to push a National Enquirer story about Obama having a gay affair when he was a child. That would be the same National Enquirer that just a couple weeks ago the same nut roots were calling a worthless rag – which it is – for printing rumors of Sarah Palin having had an extra-marital affair. Some people devout their lives to noble things, while the nut roots devouts their’s to exploring every part of the gutter. As The Poor Man points out if such a relationship occurred between an adult and a child its not gay sex, its pedophilia. Once again the Right’s suggestions and accusations don’t require any documentation, proof, facts or veracity. Except when they want proof of something like citizenship and birth certificates. Then when supplied with proof the states of Hawaii and Illinois plus the entire federal government are involved in a huge conspiracy to pull a fast one on America because the seal on Obama’s birth certificate looks funny to the self appointed seal experts.

The unofficial clock is running. Digby/tristero is also wondering when will McCain be asked about his connections to Liddy, The Liddy/McCain Connection

McCain went so far as to praise Liddy’s “principles and philosophies!” I’m with Carl on this:

McCain should be asked at the debate to tell the American people exactly which “principles and philosophies” Liddy holds that he agrees with.

They might also want to ask what Johnny has been drinking, New McCain stump: ‘We’ve got them just where we want them’. It’s all part of McCain’s secret strategy to have Obama-Biden up by  double digits and the Republican National Committe considering pushing money toward senate races rather then waste it on McCain.

Gosh I hope the freepers don’t here about this, Sen. McCain Stood With ACORN Rally In 2006

McCain had no trouble fraternizing with ACORN in 2006 when their political interests coincided with his. Now, his campaign is writing e-mails in his name bashing ACORN as a tool of the Obama machine.

McCain, man of inestimitable integity dumps the first wife to marry a wealthy heiress and now he’s dumping ACORN because that too plays into his political ambitions. Vote for Johnny, you can count on him to do what serves his rather sleazy self interests.

The comedy portion of our program from a blogger called the Vodkapundit: Fighting Words, Posted by Stephen Green on October 13, 2008 at 8:20 pm

P.S. For my hipster Libertarian friends out there, you need to get this through your thick skulls. Republicans, given the kind of power the Democrats are about to accrue, would maybe take away your right to get a completely totally naked chick to grind on your lap in a publicly licensed bar. The Democrats will do their damnedest to take away your right to speak. There’s the First Amendment, and then there’s the First Amendment. Be careful what you wish for.

What bunker have these guys been living in. Bush is listening in to intimate conversation, The Republican governor of Maryland spys on nuns and puts church groups on  domestic terror watch, Bush declared hapeas corpus irrelevant and by his use of signing Bush declared that his branch of government was more equal then laws passed by Congress and used the U.S. Department of Justice for Republican vote caging. Now in their lurid fantasies of what an Obama presidency might do, Republicans suddenly discover the importance of the Constitution and the rule of law.