McCain Doubles Down on Bush Policies, but He is Not Bush?

McCain the petulant grouch

Like every debate since forever, especially this late in the game where the vast majority of voters have seen the candidates and their ads ad nauseum, the only people to change their minds will be that few percent of undecideds. Everyone seems to be giving credit to McCain for starting off in grumpy attack mode. The problem with that when you’re behind as far as McCain and the stock market is so erratic, voters wonder if you’re the leader that will bring about the stability and make the carefully weighed decisions required to get us back on track. Someone must have advised Johnny to make eye contact. While better then avoiding it, McCain seemed a combination of fearful and angry at Obama. Which might have been part of the reason that McCain’s positives wore off as the debate progressed. It started to look like he was doing some mental anger control exercises. You almost expected him to jump up any minute and yell – this guy, over me, what are you people thinking. The comparison became striking, McCain arrogance versus Obama’s calm confidence.

The say it to my face moment – in police interrogations there’s frequently a feeling the interrogating officer gets, a moment when the perpetrator’s story sounds rehearsed and not very convincing – McCain had that perp moment. “I don’t care about an old washed-up terrorist,” McCain tells the officer. Then says “we need to know the full extent of that relationship.” This is the point in the show where’s there is a close-up of the perps eyes and the viewer sees that he’ll say anything to get what he wants. McCain says he isn’t up on using the internet so maybe he hasn’t checked the fact checking sites, he’s just reading the Rove Playbook. Fact-Checking the Ayers Allegations: So Wrong, It’s “Pants on Fire” Wrong

However, Ayers “was never on the board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge,” and he “never made a decision programmatically or had a vote,” Rolling said.

“He (Ayers) was at board meetings — which, by the way, were open — as a guest,” Rolling said. “That is not anything near Bill Ayers and Barack Obama running the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.”

Let’s look at a few, starting with the funder. Annenberg was a lifelong Republican and former ambassador to the United Kingdom under President Richard Nixon. His widow, Leonore, has endorsed McCain. Kurtz might just as plausibly have accused Obama and the foundation of “translating Annenberg’s conservatism into practice.”

Among the other board members who served with Obama were: Stanley Ikenberry, former president of the University of Illinois; Arnold Weber, former president of Northwestern University and assistant secretary of labor in the Nixon administration; Scott Smith, then publisher of the Chicago Tribune; venture capitalist Edward Bottum; John McCarter, president of the Field Museum; Patricia Albjerg Graham, former dean of the Harvard University Graduate School of Journalism, and a host of other mainstream folks.

“The whole idea of it being radical when it was this tie of blue-chip, white-collar, CEOs and civic leaders is just ridiculous,” said the foundation’s former development director, Marianne Philbin.

The foundation gave money to groups of public schools — usually three to 10 — who partnered with some sort of outside organization to improve their students’ achievement.

In every site, every political news story that takes comments on the web are the urban myths about Obama and Ayers. This was and obviously still is to the Right, their killer story, the one that is going to knock Obama out of the game. In their fetid little minds It’ll be a glorious repeat of the Swiftboating of John Kerry. Except regardless of how often they repeat their lies and leave that ominous reframe that “questions” remain, voters aren’t buying their garbage this time. They got fooled last time and ended up with four more years of Dubya – still stuck in Messo’potamia, an economy in the dumper and a laundry list of offenses against the rule of law that will probably take a generation to undue. McCain’s best line, or supposed zinger of the night was that he wasn’t Bush. Sure, he just voted with him 90% of the time in 2007 and 100% in 2008. McCain isn’t like Bush he just supports the polices that have brought America to where we are now, 81% Say U.S. On Wrong Track. Looking at where we are and back over the last eight years McCain wants people to believe that its as though he was a magical Republican snake that has changed its skin.

I’m not Bush

Some fact checks, McCain was dead wrong on school vouchers in D.C. A program that Bush and Republicans shoved down the district’s throat.

If McCain was in 6th grade and had to do a report on Obama’s heath-care plan, McCain would flunk.

McCain claimed that Sarah Delusional Palin “cut the size of government.” How many times does McCain have to violate the Naval Academy’s’ honor code before they yank his veteran’s benefits.

No surprise that Bob Schieffer did not ask Mcain what it is about domestic terrorist G. Gordon Liddy’s values that he admires.

I like Bob Schieffer, but the reality is that he has been part of the status quo Washington insiders press corp for years. That is one of the reasons that he went with asking about ACORN – a legitimate topic, but did not ask McCain about Republican efforts at voter suppression, Why Media Can’t See the Trees for the ACORNs

The media attention granted the right-wing attacks on ACORN begs the question:  why does it seem to be a greater sin to be suspected of voter registration mistakes than to publicly engage in voter suppression efforts?

[   ]…But it’s a fact that Karl Rove was the consultant to the incumbent Texas governor back then. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that county voter registrars received a list of 29,000 alleged felons to purge from the rolls. That got some coverage when it turned out a Democratic candidate for the state house who had no criminal record was on the list. But it didn’t stop the intimidation efforts. Signs reading “You Can Be Imprisoned” were posted at minority polling locations.

The Right is pushing this narrative pretty hard. There’s massive voter fraud going on. Only there isn’t. There have been a few people that have filled out multiple registration cards. That is not voter fraud. Very few cases of voter fraud have been documented because the perpetrator has to show up and try to vote multiple times. Which is very close to wearing a neon sign that says, arrest me. In a back askward way I agree with those Rightie sites that think the media should do more investigative work – when is the MSM going to do stories about this they rage – hey bring on the reportage. The more the public is educated about voter fraud versus voter suppression by the Right, the better.

The plumber story is already stale. The guy appear to be a low information voter, but Ezra Klein  noticed this,

the United Association of Plumbers and Pipe Fitters was one of the first unions to endorse Obama:

To meet the challenges of clean water, he recognizes the need to replace and/or upgrade our water treatment and wastewater systems. His support of our position on all of these issues more than justifies our endorsement. We need to support Barack Obama because he provides more than lip service to our concerns.

We remain a bi-partisan organization. However, our best hope for clear direction and responsible change in our national government calls for our support of Barack Obama. The economic indicators show a weakening national economy and we need someone to both invigorate our economy and provide hope for our country.

Joe’s probably a relatively decent guy that works hard, its just that he doesn’t seem to know anything about progressive taxation. Its doubtful that he makes more then $250,000 grand a year. A reporter told him that he probably would get a tax break under Obama’s plan and he said something about not trusting him and Marxism. Just guessing, but his lack of knowledge combined with that bizarre opinion suggests he gets all his political opinions from AM radio wing-nuts.

The Irrational Electorate

In addition to assessing how well each individual voter’s choice matched his or her hypothetical “fully informed” choice, in “Uninformed Votes” I provided estimates of how well each overall election outcome matched what it would have been if every voter had been fully informed. The average discrepancy between the actual popular vote in each election and the hypothetical outcome if every voter had been fully informed amounted to three percentage ­points—­more than enough to swing a close election. In four cases—1980, 1984, 1988, and 1992—the differences between actual and hypothetical election outcomes were large enough to provide strong evidence that “errors” by millions of individual voters did not entirely cancel out. These departures from ­“fully ­informed” election outcomes revealed a systematic bias in favor of incumbents, who generally did substantially better than they would have if voters had been fully informed, and a smaller bias in favor of Democratic candidates. Clearly, the “miracle of aggregation” is not sufficiently miraculous to render voters’ ignorance politically ­irrelevant.

Other then the major media outlets doing marginally better in the fact checking department, which many voters seem to be using and gives reason for hope. We’ve also seem the Republicans run one of the sleaziest hate filled campaigns in the last forty years.

While he previously thought Bush’s tax cuts were irresponsible, McCain now worships at the alter of those same cuts. The reason is that those cuts put more money in the average American’s pocket, right? Not really, for those that got some extra money, it went in one pocket and out the other,

Health care premiums have increased by over 80 percent.  The cost of family health insurance has skyrocketed 80.8 percent since 2000.

Gas prices have climbed over $3 a gallon.  Prices at the gas pump have jumped 107 percent from $1.47 per gallon the week President Bush took office in January 2001

College education costs have risen by 44 percent.  Average tuition, fees, room, and board costs at four-year private universities have increased by $6,786 from $22,240 in the 2000-2001 academic year to $29,026 in the 2005-2006 academic year.

In addition, the Post reports that “[o]ne of every 92 U.S. households faced foreclosure last year and the number is expected to get larger.  Over the next two years, monthly payments on millions of loans will surge as their low introductory interest rates balloon by as much as 50 percent.  The nonprofit Center for Responsible Lending predicts that one in five subprime mortgages taken out in the past two years – those marketed to borrowers with poor credit histories and limited incomes – will end up in foreclosure.  The crisis may eventually cost as much as $164 billion ( Democrats released this info in 2007 – people like Bush and Mccain, not to mention all those Republican redistribution of income experts didn’t do a thing)

In the S. Con. Res. 21, the Fiscal Year 2008 Senate Budget Resolution, Senate Democrats increased funding for energy and environmental programs, which have sustained dramatic cuts during the Bush Administration.  Among many other cuts, the Bush Administration reduced funding for clean water, public lands, oceans, climate research, energy efficiency and conservation, and energy cost assistance for low-income Americans.  While the Administration has cut these important programs, the President, in his 2008 Budget Request, failed to repeal lucrative subsidies for oil and gas companies.