Today’s Final Match – Republicans versus Republicans

Remember the words of that wise insightful politician, with tons of executive experience as claimed in the last two Mccain commercials I saw, Sarah Palin,

PALIN: You have to have some diplomatic strategy going into a meeting with someone like Ahmadinejad or Kim Jong-il, one of these dictators that would seek to destroy America or her allies. It is so naive and so dangerous for a presidential candidate to just proclaim that they would be willing to sit down with a– a leader like Ahmadinejad and just talk about the problems, the issues that are facing them. So that — that’s — that’s some ill-preparedness right there.

Bush plans to establish U.S. diplomatic post in Iran

The Bush administration will announce in mid-November, after the presidential election, that it intends to establish the first U.S. diplomatic presence in Iran since the 1979-81 hostage crisis, according to senior Bush administration officials.

The proposal for an “interests section,” which falls short of a full U.S. Embassy, has been conveyed in private diplomatic messages to Tehran, and a search is under way to choose the American diplomat who’d head the post, the officials said.

So far George W. Bush has, by his actions supported Obama’s position on Iran, as has General Petraeus. Or put another way, Bush and Petraeus do not support Palin-McCain’s positions on Iran or Afghanistan.

Sarah embarrassed yet again

Part of Palin’s problem is she thinks she can BS her way through issues as deep and wide as American foreign policy. The McCain team has had a month to coach her. Wouldn’t some basic boilerplate policy positions on Iran be at the top of the To Learn List. I wonder if she knows what NATO is? Turkey, Iran may sign energy investment deal in November

Turkey is opposed to an Iranian plan to build a new pipeline to transport natural gas to Europe and urged for the planned Nabucco project pipeline to be used instead, Reuters reported.

In a separate report, said Turkish Energy Minister Hilmi Guler will visit Iran next month and sign the deal after both parties agreed on the investment model and plan of three natural gas fields in the country’s South Pars region.

Maybe this is a good development or maybe not. The fact is that Turkey is an American ally and member of NATO. Turkey must feel that they are not compromising their security by coming to this economic/energy arrangement with “dangerous” people.

So far we have two media sources that have bothered to even mention McCain’s ties to domestic terrorist G. Gordon Liddy, David Letterman and now Keith Olbermann.

Former Mass. Gov. William Weld to endorse Obama. Weld, who many consider a moderate Republican brings up E. J. Dionne’s piece in today’s WaPo about the divide that Republicans like Weld and Colin Powell find themselves in. The so-called intellectual old school William F. Buckley Republicans versus the hard Right culture war Republicans like Palin, Civil War on the Right

Then there are those conservatives who see Palin as a “fatal cancer to the Republican Party” (David Brooks), as someone who “doesn’t know enough about economics and foreign policy to make Americans comfortable with a President Palin” (Kathleen Parker), as “a symptom and expression of a new vulgarization in American politics” (Peggy Noonan).

These conservatives deserve credit for acknowledging how ill-suited Palin is for high office. But what we see here is a deep split between parts of the conservative elite and much of the rank and file.

For years, many of the elite conservatives were happy to harvest the votes of devout Christians and gun owners by waging a phony class war against “liberal elitists” and “leftist intellectuals.” Suddenly, the conservative writers are discovering that the very anti-intellectualism their side courted and encouraged has begun to consume their movement.

If the hard Right is suddenly astonished that people like Bush and Cheney or John and Cindy McCain for that matter really have no interest in NASCAR or sitting down and having a beer with them, its their own fault. Whether it was the blinders or the thick rose colored glasses they did, and many still do want to see these elite prep school Ivy League college grads as one of them, as the “real” America. Can they really imagine Dick Cheney at a tractor pull or John McCain hip deep in snow trying to bag a moose. Bush has given plenty of lip service to cultural conservatives and did give then Roberts and Alito, but his priorities and loyalties have always been to his true brethren the Wall Street Republicans, that like him went to the schools dad went to. McCain’s dad was an Admiral, not a Master Chief with an arm full of hashes. He went to the Naval Academy, not Bob’s Community College. Republicans got in the act of deciding how to remake their party and reconcile their opposing identities is going to take up a lot of ink in the next few years, especially if McCain loses – as of today things are not looking good, Today’s Polls, 10/23: McCain on Life Support

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