The GOP’s Equivalence Problem

The GOPs math problem

Conservative Group To Run Anti-Wright Ads On National Networks Through Election Day

The ad, which you can watch  here, features the now-infamous footage of Wright’s livelier sermons, and intones that Obama “never complained” about Wright “until he ran for President,” adding that Obama is “too radical, too risky.”

Previously, the ad was only running in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida, as Ben Smith reported the other day.

I saw this ad twice this morning. Conservatives have been running and governing from the hate fueled right-wing fringe for decades. For the GOP to tell America that one Wright is far worse then all the right-wing pundits that preach the worse sort of radicalism 24/7 on radio and TV jumps the shark by a mile. It would be great if Wright toned it down, but his reach, his influence is rather small. There is nothing on the moderate to liberal side of the political spectrum that weighs in on the national discourse at the vicious daily level of the Right and in such great number. What energized McCain campaign; Sarah Palin who brought out the hate mongers, the eliminationists hard Right. The people that don’t think flirting with secessionism is all that bad.

Fred Barnes warns that the good ship United States might veer away from the hard Right which has brought us all such goodness as never ending wars and a terrible recession, Fred ‘Flintstone’ Barnes Finally Sees The Writing on the Wall of the Cave

Bill, even Fred Barnes sees a “lurch to the left” coming, but don’t expect him to blame himself or his neocon pals for paving the way.

Gee, he weeps, all these left-wingers will come to power — but he wastes not a word on who it was that put them there: it’s Fawning Fred and his “Big-Government Conservatism” allies who gave “The Cheney” to the Constitution and wallowed happily in the Hot Tub, instead of draining it.

Fred probably honestly think the country will swing too far left. Fred has a problem with definitions just like the GOP has a problem with equivalence. Obama and Biden are centrists, but through the Right’s distorted vision of what America is and should be, Obama and Biden are scary leftists.The last eight years, six of which Republicans had a majority in both Houses of Congress have been spectacular in their arrogance, corruption, greed, national security blundering lack of vision, contempt for science and rationalism and craven contempt for good governance. Fred, like so many Republicans might see a few missteps here and there, but on their calculator its been like spending everyday at Wonderland and now the mean Democrats with the help of all those mean voters are going to take away everyone’s cotton candy. Fred, in other words doesn’t do reality. In a back asswards way Fred’s buddies on the Right did America a favor – what America sees now is a badly battered Constitution and the rewards of an any thing goes economy – Ailing economy takes toll on health. Ironic, that like FDR, Obama will be the crazy socialist terrorist loving anti-Christ that rescues capitalism so that forty years from now when everyone forgets this hard lesson, the worshippers of the Great Infallible Free Market  can do it all over again. Given this hacktacular record Fred and his comrades want America to vote for a guy that says he isn’t Bush, but has made himself into Bush redux. McCain’s idealism, for those that have been paying attention, has turned out to be the stuff of faerie tales. How often have we heard this is not the McCain I know, from from Democrats and Republicans. The 2008 election cycle revealed the man behind the mask, whatever he is, he is not the messiah of moderate Republicanism.