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The GOP Fallout: Cue the Circular Firing Squad, Grover Norquist still doesn’t get it,

“Bush deviated from the Reagan Republican vision in spending, regulation and in empire,” he says, before delivering a backhanded slight to McCain: “We know that when you run as Reagan, it works.”

Flip-flop much Grover,

McCain has won the heart of far-right tax activist Grover Norquist, who only three years ago was calling McCain “the nut-job from Arizona” and a “gun-grabbing, tax-increasing Bolshevik.” But here’s what Norquist says about McCain now:

“[John McCain] campaigned on being very good on taxes in this election cycle… that he will continue to make [the Bush tax cuts] permanent, that he will veto any tax increase, period, that he wants to cut the corporate rate from 35 percent to 25 percent, that he wants to have full expensing, that he wants to abolish the AMT …. In addition to being the Americans for Tax Reform’s entire agenda, that is a very pro-growth set of policies he has put forward, and he articulates why they are important.”

Remember when we had Republicans as the Daddy party meme. Isn’t taking responsibility and making principled changes part of being a good dad. Some Republicans get it, but will the Grovers and Limbaughs stop forward thinking Republicans from making Republicanism into a real 21st century political force,

Better now to draft policies that address the new concerns of the middle class: economic stagnation, environmental protection and health-care reform. “It’s pretty hard to go back to the old Republican arguments,” says Frank Fahrenkopf Jr., who chaired the Republican Party for most of the 1980s. “The American people are looking for change that works.”

If Republicans do follow the Fahrenkopf’s will the public believe them or think they’re getting Bush’s rewarmed “compassionate” conservatism. As of today and most likely the mid-terms in 2010, the public can chose between a late to the game Republican that might do something marginally good to address stagnating wages, heath-care reform etc or they can just vote for a Democrat.

Bob Novak Just Doesn’t Get It

In the Wednesday edition of the Chicago Sun-Times, conservative columnist Robert Novak claimed Barack Obama’s historical election last night was not “a broad mandate from the public” and the ensuing Democratic wave did little to change the political alignment in congress. Given recent history and the evidence of a shifting tide in American politics, I’m hard pressed to find a more inaccurate assessment of the outcome.

George W. Bush and Co. declared a “mandate” from the people shortly after his reelection in 2004 by a mere 35 electoral vote-margin. He did so despite barely eking out a majority with 50.7% of the popular vote over John Kerry’s 48.3%. Incidentally, this 2.4% margin of victory was the narrowest win for any elected incumbent seeking reelection since Harrison beat Cleveland in 1888 and it was the smallest victory in all of American history for a war-time Commander in Chief.

Obama’s margin of victory was 53% of the popular vote and 7.4 votes. Maybe that’s why Reagan, Bush One and Two couldn’t balance the budget, Cons can’t do math.

Customer service, Pentagon style

CBS’s 60 Minutes featured a story last night about reservists who find it increasingly difficult to hold on to their everyday jobs after serving multiple deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan.  While many employers want to support the troops the first time around, they are less enthusiastic after the second or third tour, according to the story, even though the Soldiers & Sailors Civil Relief Act (SSCRA) protects reservists’ jobs no matter how many tours they do.

Some companies, according to this report are refusing to hire reservists. Thomas Hall, assistant secretary of defense for reservist affairs invited reservists who are having problems to call his office, 703.697.6631

More Utility Bills Go Unpaid

Utilities are becoming more aggressive about collecting money from delinquent customers, leading to a surge in service shutdowns just as economic woes are pushing up the number of households falling behind on bills.

The WSJ reports that this is pretty much a nation wide problem with utility companies from New York to Tennessee to California reporting a spike in shutoffs even among middle-class households. Congress has increase funding for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, but the customer has to apply to get help.

Obama promises to make spending on basic science research a prioity. maybe rsearchers can find a cure for right-wing denial and whining disease, Flopping Aces, Posted by: Skye @ 5:45 pm in Uncategorized

This administration will not be the end of the United States, it will do its damn best to change the fundamental character of the United States and fail – magnificently.

One is amazed at the mental pretzel twists required to deny the rabid right-wing failure of the last eight years and then look into the far Right’s crystal ball to see a failed ” magnificently” Obama-Biden presidency. Obama hasn’t even taken office yet and Flop is hoping for the worse for America so he and like minded Bush idolaters are vindicated – a destructive form of partisan loyalty that has not worn well.