Pushing for a Progessive Agenda and the Right Without Feathers

The Obama Agenda

Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2008, is a date that will live in fame (the opposite of infamy) forever. If the election of our first African-American president didn’t stir you, if it didn’t leave you teary-eyed and proud of your country, there’s something wrong with you.

But will the election also mark a turning point in the actual substance of policy? Can Barack Obama really usher in a new era of progressive policies? Yes, he can.

Right now, many commentators are urging Mr. Obama to think small. Some make the case on political grounds: America, they say, is still a conservative country, and voters will punish Democrats if they move to the left. Others say that the financial and economic crisis leaves no room for action on, say, health care reform.

Let’s hope that Mr. Obama has the good sense to ignore this advice.

Bush and most Republicans have so dumped down expectations of what we can do as a nation that my hopes, in the event of a progressive presidency were modest. If Obama is merely competent and half as corrupt as the current crop of liars, crooks, conmen and reality resistant zealots, I’d be happy. Though I can see Krugman’s point. The Bush years have left America bankrupt, so any money spent, even for the basic maintenance of our infrastructure, military and education is going to be deficit spending. So why not go for it. Short term deficits aren’t the end of the world – Republicans justified their greed and short sighted economic policies with such dismissive comments for years now. Except Republicans thought the solution was to throw money at the wealthy and let some of the crumbs filter down to actual working folks. Now is the time to throw some help toward the middle-class, ultimately the people that make wealth possible and let some of that trickle up. As Krugman says it is not just the moral thing to do, but long term makes the best economic sense. The America we all know cannot survive without a healthy working class. If an Obama presidency should flame out trying to help them, then isn’t that a nobler legacy then the rubble of a Conservative legacy we’re being left to dig ourselves out from under. Coincidentally Matthew Yglesias gets into some of the historical data to claim a progressive agenda; Angry Bear corrects some of Matthew’s points, but doesn’t find enough wrong, in my view, to invalidate the premise behind the numbers.

Alaska Turnout, Results Raise Questions, did Alaskans really just reelect a Senator convicted of seven felonies. Stevens is appealing, but just being realistic, what are the chances of over turning all seven counts. Can a felon serve as a Senator – well if they drag him off to jail(unlikely at his age) Stevens could show up and participate as a legislator as usual, maybe, Can Sen. Stevens(R-AK) Still Serve Despite Conviction?

According to (U.S. Senate Associate Historian) Ritchie, the Senate can essentially do anything it wants with regard to indicted or convicted members.

“The U.S. Constitution gives the Senate tremendous latitude to judge the qualifications of its members,” says Ritchie, “and historically, the Senate’s been very reluctant to expel such members.”

Instead, the Senate has generally preferred to wait for the appeals process to play out for a member convicted of a felony.

A member such as Stevens would most likely be “seated without prejudice” — that is, allowed to be sworn in once again, but subject to further action by the Senate if an appeal of his case is turned down.

In such a case, the matter would most likely be dealt with by either the rules or ethics committees before being taken up by the full Senate.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) have already weighed in. Reid Says Stevens Cannot Serve

…the reality is that a convicted felon is not going to be able to serve in the United States Senate. And as precedent shows us, Senator Stevens will face an ethics committee investigation and expulsion, regardless of his appeals process,” Reid said.

Republicans would obviously dread a Senate wide vote on Stevens so issue will likely be decided by the Ethics Committee and Stevens will be history.

Its official, Breaking: Merkley Wins Oregon Senate Seat

Merkley represents the Democrats’ sixth pickup in the Senate, bringing their total to 55 seats, plus two independents who caucus with the party.

Sen. Norm Coleman’s Democratic challenger is vowing to push ahead with a recount. Coleman, a certified member of the Cult of Bush said just a couple days ago that Franken shouldn’t bother voters with a recount

Pine County’s Partridge Township had revised its vote total upward — another 100 votes for Democratic candidate Al Franken, putting him within .011 percentage points of Republican U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman.

The reason for the change? Exhausted county officials had accidentally entered 24 for Franken instead of 124 when the county’s final votes were tallied at 5:25 Wednesday morning.

Coleman is such a class act. Even if Coleman icks out a win he’s already started off on a typically sleazy term. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) has sited Coleman as one of the most corrupt Senators in Washington.

Joe the Plumber is a welfare queen too.

So it turns out that when Plumber Joe was a child, he was on welfare, not once, but twice, and he credits it with helping his family ultimately lead a middle-class life style. He defends having received welfare by saying that he’s subsequently paid into the system.

Since Joe has put himself out there as a spokesperson for a pretty radical POV it’s reasonable to respond to what he says. Though its not necessary to pile on. His knowledge of basic civics, how his country’s government is structured, America’s founding principles, is obviously lacking. I wish that he might pause in his fifteen minutes of fame, read some basic American history textbooks, the Constitution, some papers/studies put out by American Progress, etc – just as a counter to the AM radio right-wing talking points that he has swallowed without question. Then, if he wants to continue his new found role as pundit he might not look quit so foolish.

Conservatives reduced to psycho babble

The ‘red’ text is from, From the Conservative Redstate, Faith Endures,or Why I Plan on Becoming a Happy Warrior, Posted by: TheSophist, Friday, November 7, 2008. One assumes that the Wingnuttery is entranced by things without feathers. He/she also seems to be channeling a little Elizabeth Dole – people of the true faith voted for McCain, everyone that voted for Senator Obama is a heathen? Yet they wonder why they lost.

Airliner II wallpaper.