Political Junkies Withdrawal and Other News

For political junkies: Now the withdrawal

Dr. Petros Levounis, director of the Addiction Institute of New York at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital, said such obsessions stimulate the pleasure-reward pathways in the brain, working in a similar way to drugs or alcohol.

“There’s no question that someone can develop a strong habit in following these political campaigns,” Levounis said. “And when the campaign is over, they get a sense of emptiness, or a letdown, something missing in their lives.”

He said doctors had seen similar reactions to TV shows such as “American Idol.”

I just felt such a sense of relief at the race being over, Obama winning and Bush leaving. Predictably the Right is bitter and angry. They didn’t just lose an election. Despite controlling government for most of Bush’s presidency, 24/7 right-wing pundits pushing lie after lie -smear after smear, newspapers dominated by far Right columnists – they lost the ideological war. Despite being having all the advantages – Weapons of Mass Media Deception – they couldn’t beat back moderate mainstream America. As much as many of us might be enjoying that, one hopes for the sake of the country and moving forward, the fringe Right learns to embrace an America that is far more moderate and liberal-center then their fantasies would have them believe. Or they risk becoming even more irrelevant – Wingnut revisionism: Oh, that ole time slavery was so much better than welfare

and Focus on the Family likens Obama and Democrats to Nazis

‘Obama Sale’ on Guns and Ammo – some gun owners and their unfounded paranoia. There is no rational reason for hunters or homeowners that have a gun for personal protection, have no reason to fear an Obama presidency. A comment at the link says a lot about what we’re dealing with regarding the rumors about Democrats in general and perceived threats to 2nd amendment rights. The commenter repeats a rumor spread by a gun rights organization to the effect California authorities went around confiscating guns. I know, doesn’t make sense. No such thing happened and there is no documentation to give the rumor any validity. That won’t stop rumors like that from continuing to be spread. I’m a gun owner and know gun owners that don’t buy into the paranoia, so its not all gun owners, just the ones with a certain mentality. Since gun shops seem to be benefiting from increased sales, they have an economic incentive to go along even if they think the gossip is just that, gossip. One gun manufacturer president was asked to resign for supporting President-elect Obama.

Gun owners late to the game

I agree up to a point with  Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN) about forgiving Joe Lieberman. Let him caucus with Democrats and even let him chair some committee, but not the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. As chair of the HSG he was supposed to provide oversight of the Bush administration. A task at which he was a miserable failure – his failures cost money and weakened the people’s right to hold the president accountable. That is not the kind of behavior that deserves to be rewarded.

Let’s cut the nonsense. Reid offered Lieberman a chance to stay in the Democratic caucus, keep his seniority, and become the chairman of some other committee. Lieberman thinks that’s “unacceptable” and reportedly “begged” to stay on as chairman of Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

Lieberman is in no position to bargain, if he caucuses with Republicans, he will not be reelected to the Senate and he knows it.

Uncounted Votes May Push Begich Past Stevens

Although Ted Stevens currently holds a lead of approximately 3,200 votes in ballots counted to date in Alaska’s senate contest, there is good reason to believe that the ballots yet to be counted — the vast majority of which are early and absentee ballots — will allow Mark Begich to mitigate his disadvantage with Stevens and quite possibly pull ahead of him.

So as not to steal Five ThirtyEight’s thunder you’ll have to click over for the complete analysis.