Bemoaning the Lack of Dubya Worship and Revisiting Nixon’s Treachery

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Peggy gets a running start on her Bush idolatry by way of modern era monuments to economic disparity, the McMansion, ‘At Least Bush Kept Us Safe’

To drive through the suburbs of Northern Virginia is to marvel still at the widespread wealth, the mansions and mini-mansions that did not exist a quarter-century ago and that now thicken the woods and hills. It used to be sleepy here; it used to be horse farms. I remember looking at one of the new houses 22 years ago.

Just a reminder to the peasants that she travels in the right circles and that while she can see, as a writer she has a fatal flaw, the lack of insight. Sadly, the above excerpt composes the most substantive words from the article. Yes, hard to believe, but once she gets revved up on the Dubya-aid it gets worse. Wonkette couldn’t help but notice the lack of reality,

Every day is Good Friday in the Wall Street Journal, because Friday is Peggy’s Day, and this week her wonderful Declaration is right there in the headline, “At Least Bush Kept Us Safe.” Wait, what? Let’s just ask the old Internets here and double-check, because it is so hard to remember, say, when TERRORISTS BLEW UP MOTHERFUCKING MANHATTAN, WITH JETS, WHICH RUINED EVERYTHING FOREVER.

[  ]…Reading Peggy Noonan’s column is an exercise in intentional dangerous insanity, like taking Ecstasy before a street fight, or eating a bowl of glass shards. And sometimes, she goes into double-secret stealth mode, luring you into a false sense of calm and complacency — Oh, she’s just writing a mildly amusing diary entry from some GOP holiday party in Reston or McLean or whatever, don’t worry — and then you realize the dipshit headline (probably just written by this douche, right?) is actually lifted from her suddenly lunatic prose.

She bemoans the tendency among most Americans not to give Bush credit for being the protective daddy of our dreams. The problem most of us are having is with the actual body count. Just going by the numbers The Big Dog kept us safer. Even Dubya’s dad was a better national daddy then Dubya. Clinton didn’t squander victory in Afghanistan, Dubya did. As long as a member of the reality based community alive, we’re never forget the assertions by Bush and his genuflecting apologists that occupying Iraq “has made America safer”. Yep, the mighty Iraq army was a threat to a nation that has enough conventional bombs, not to mention ICBMs to turn the Middle-East into a giant ashtray. The rare occasion where I have a disagreement with digby – Noonan’s attempt to polish Bush’s apple has been floating around lately, but she is correct about pushing back,   Keeping Us Safe

I don’t think this is the beginning of a Bush rehabilitation project (although it’s never to early to start.) This seems like the sad, faint grasping at straws of tired supporters who don’t have anything to work with. But you can be sure that if another terrorist attack takes place in the US — as is probable — this will be the first thing dredged up as proof that Democrats can’t be trusted. It’s probably important to constantly push back on these memes, even if they are only weak little attempts at finding a silver lining.

A good round-up of reactions to Noonan’s latest column at Buck Naked Politics, Peggy Noonan: “At Least Bush Kept Us Safe” (A Wall Street Christmas Carol)

Indicted Louisiana congressman loses re-election bid

Nine-term Democratic Rep. William Jefferson, who has been battling scandals and a federal indictment for the past three years, lost his bid for re-election on Saturday.

A well deserved defeat even if at the hands of a kool-aid drinker. Even though Jefferson got no support from the Democratic party he does/did represent a deep blue district. Unlike Alaskan Republicans who were more then willing to re-elect Ted Corruption Stevens, Louisiana Democrats couldn’t bring themselves to re-elect someone that hide his bribes in the freezer. In the game of first thoughts about Jefferson’s defeat? Obviously mine are good riddens, not so obvious with Republcan brain trust Ed Driscol,

So electing a Republican who mercifully escaped Vietnam after American liberals of the 1970s left the nation to be slaughtered by the Vietcong and who ousted one of the most infamously corrupt Democrats of recent years counts as a “more progressive New Orleans”?(emphasis mine)

Sure, that is what the election was all about, liberals getting some comeuppance for Nam. Ed could probably run his car on the history books he burns, Newly Released Presidential Tapes Expose Nixon

In a segment aired at the news conference, Johnson tells Sen. Everett Dirksen, the Republican minority leader, that it will be Nixon’s responsibility if the South Vietnamese don’t participate in the peace talks.

“This is treason,” LBJ says to Dirksen.

“I know,” Dirksen replies, very softly.

Confronting Nixon by telephone on Nov. 3, Johnson outlines what had been alleged and how important it was to the conduct of the war for Nixon’s people not to meddle.

Too late for the lynching party that fills Driscol’s daydreams; he and his posse would have hanged the wrong people anyway. Richard Nixon: The traitor

I want to congratulate Charles Taylor for his brilliant, properly scathing denunciation of Richard Nixon in his review of Anthony Summers’ new biography of our late, demented president.

Taylor is absolutely right — forget the story that Nixon may have beaten poor Pat (as if she did not have enough to bear, simply being married to that paranoid, cold-hearted son of a bitch), or even the shocker that he was likely self-medicating with drugs provided by one of America’s leading businessmen. (Ah, the genius of the private sector!)

The really significant story is that Nixon’s own defense secretary thought the president was so far gone during his last months in office that he ordered the military to ignore orders from the White House. Now there’s a genuinely terrifying thought that should engage our nation in soul-searching discussion.

And as Taylor emphasizes, the most important revelation of the book — the one that all U.S. history texts should henceforth include — is the near certainty that Nixon, as a private citizen during the 1968 presidential race, sought to delay and disrupt the Paris peace talks, thereby prolonging the war in Vietnam and leading to the deaths of thousands of American soldiers and millions of Vietnamese.

How electing a Vietnamese-American in 2008 gets Nixon and Kissinger off for their treachery is a work of logical contortions only the lizard people are capable.

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