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Former weapons inspector Scott Ritter also took exception to Cheney’s most recent attempt to rewrite history, Dick Cheney’s Fantasy World

The vice-president should re-check both his history and his facts. Just prior to President Bush’s decision to invade Iraq, the UN had teams of weapons inspectors operating inside Iraq, blanketing the totality of Iraq’s industrial infrastructure. They found no evidence of either retained WMD, or efforts undertaken by Iraq to reconstitute a WMD manufacturing capability. Whatever dual-use industrial capability that did exist (so-called because the industrial processes involved to produce legitimate civilian or military items could, if modified, be used to produce materials associated with WMD) had been so degraded as a result of economic sanctions and war that any meaningful WMD production was almost moot. To say that Saddam had the capability or the technology to produce WMD at the time of the US invasion is a gross misrepresentation of the facts.

[   ]…And as for the smoking gun that the Bush administration did not want to come in the form of a mushroom cloud, there was no nuclear weapons programme in Iraq in any way shape or form, nor had there been since it was dismantled in 1991. Cheney’s dissimilation of the facts surrounding Iraqi WMD serves as a distraction from the reality of the situation. Not only did the entire Bush administration know that the intelligence data about Iraqi WMD was fundamentally flawed prior to the invasion, but they also knew that it did not matter in the end. Bush was going to invade Iraq no matter what the facts proved.

Cheney defended the invasion and subsequent removal of Saddam from power by noting that “this was a bad actor and the country’s better off, the world’s better off with Saddam gone”. This is the argument of the intellectually feeble. It would be very difficult for anyone to articulate that life today is better in Baghdad, Mosul, Basra or any non-Kurdish city than it was under Saddam. Ask the average Iraqi adult female if she is better off today than she was under Saddam, and outside of a few select areas in Kurdistan, the answer will be a resounding “no”.

The occupation of Iraq by the United States is far more brutal, bloody and destructive than anything Saddam ever did during his reign. When one examines the record of the US military in Iraq in terms of private homes brutally invaded, families torn apart and civilians falsely imprisoned (the prison population in Iraq during the US occupation dwarfs that of Saddam’s regime), what is clear is that the only difference between the reign of terror inflicted on the Iraqi people today and under Saddam is that the US has been far less selective in applying terror than Saddam ever was.

You can throw shoes or buckets of reality at Cheney or Bush and they are sure to dodge both. Cheney waves his hand, conjures up his most condescending attitude and pronounce the facts as of little consequence or completely relative to one’s point of view. Facts take on a new meaning; they’re not things or events that exists in reality, they’re whatever Dick or George decides they are. Another reason to keep the kids away from the TV. They’ll learn from Republicans, usually advertised as the party of values, that the truth is an ever moving target and facts do not matter. Remember the ever present sculptor of truth in V for Vendetta, Adam Sutler(John Hurt). That character, a source of never ending propaganda seems like a rank amateur compared to Dick. Its a remarkable comment on our society that larger then life characters in a fantasy film are less outlandish then the leaders we have in real life.