Norman Rockwell Holiday Paintings

Oh boy Its Pop with A new Plymouth by Norman Rockwell. A painting that takes on an unintended irony in light of the changes in American car buying habits over the last fifty years.

Jolly Postman by Rockwell

Homecoming by Norman Rockwell. Norman may have modeled the sleigh driver and the postman above on the same person. Or maybe the postman also did some sleigh driving part-time.

Christmas Santa Reading Mail by Rockwell

Christmas Dance by Norman Rockwell

A Drum for Tommy

For those that may not be familiar with Rockwell, he was a New York born painter-illustrator (February 3, 1894 – November 8, 1978). He didn’t work exclusively for the original Saturday Evening Post magazine, but the covers that he did for them over the course of forty years are what sealed his place in American art and history.

Each According to the Dictates of his Own Conscience by Rockwell. Those that are aware of Rockwell’s sometimes overly idealized works may not be ware that he also did an occassional bit of social commentary. This advertisment for war bonds circa WW II was one of the more somber ones.