The World of Conservative Projections and Arrogance

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President-elect Obama visited Hawaii Marine Corps Base,

“As we celebrate this joyous time of year, our thoughts turn to the brave men and women who serve our country far from home,” he said in the message, which was posted online Wednesday.

“Their extraordinary and selfless sacrifice is an inspiration to us all, and part of the unbroken line of heroism that has made our freedom and prosperity possible for over two centuries.”

A Conservative blogger called Sistertoldjah responds by writing,

Barack Obama repeatedly and routinely denigrated the mission in Iraq, not just as a US Senator, but as a candidate for Commander in Chief of the armed forces. Whether or not he meant to demean the sacrifices of our troops, that’s exactly what he – and anyone else – did who either said or implied that they were making the ultimate sacrifice for a “lie” … that their deaths were “wasted” deaths.

A new definition for denigrate – apparently anytime an American thinks its is morally wrong to lie your country into a war. Then by way of some paranormal ability to read Obama’s thoughts, what Obama said is not what he meant, it is what this blogger twists and turns it to mean. In other words the blogger has nothing, so resorts to projecting their own bizarre spin. Speaking of denigrating and having respect, how about acknowledging the reality that the military and Bush’s foreign policy disasters are not the same thing. Or acknowledging that while the military as a whole leans Republican it is not a monolithic organization made up of unthinking drones. Bush did lie. People died because of them. That’s a fact. One can be as arrogant, insensitive and smart ass as they like in response to that fact, but that doesn’t change the reality. This letter written by families of National Guardsmen demanding their loved ones be returned state side, would that be denigrating the troops. How about this letter from a man whose brother was killed in Iraq pointing out the tragedy of his brother dying for a pack of lies. How about this muti-generation military family who complained that “The Iraq War was based on lies and exaggerations”. Retired Marine Lt. Gen. Greg Newbold, who was director of operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff was either strongly implying that Iraq was a waste of lives or a foriegn policy adventure not worth putting our troops at risk when he wrote,

From 2000 until October 2002, I was a Marine Corps lieutenant general and director of operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. After 9/11, I was a witness and therefore a party to the actions that led us to the invasion of Iraq–an unnecessary war. Inside the military family, I made no secret of my view that the zealots’ rationale for war made no sense. And I think I was outspoken enough to make those senior to me uncomfortable. But I now regret that I did not more openly challenge those who were determined to invade a country whose actions were peripheral to the real threat–al-Qaeda. I retired from the military four months before the invasion, in part because of my opposition to those who had used 9/11’s tragedy to hijack our security policy. Until now, I have resisted speaking out in public. I’ve been silent long enough.

If yet another chickenhawk blogger wants to claim that the families of the troops are “demeaning” the sacrifices by the military when they criticize Iraq or Afghanistan(the squandered victory) or by putting words into Obama’s mouth or assigining unitended meanings to same, well that is what we have come to expect from the Right. Extreme Righty John Assrocket Hinderaker, who has never served in the military, but through the miracle of self appointment became a spokesperson for same, is praised with an extensive quote at the same blog post,

Until his (Obama) actions compel a conclusion to the contrary, I will give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he holds our military in the esteem to which it is entitled. I hope and expect that we’ll see more efforts on his part to build bridges to the military community.

The Right works overtime to create the impression of bigger gulfs then actually exist between Democrats and the military and to spin like tops to make sure no such “bridges” are built. What would these right-wing characters write about if you took away their projections and concern trolling.

This poll would suggest that Bush is and his polices are not popular with any group except the same people that love Sarah Palin, think torture is kool and the earth is only a couple of thousand years old. Bush and Cheney like to think of themselves as great, but unappreciated leaders. History is not trending to think along those lines, Bush Defeats Truman

At 39 months in the doghouse, George W. Bush has surpassed Harry Truman’s record as the postwar president to linger longest without majority public approval.

Bush hasn’t received majority approval for his work in office in ABC News/Washington Post polls since Jan. 16, 2005  three years and three months ago. The previous record was Truman’s during his last 38 months in office.

Truman bounced back based on a distant review of some genuinely difficult dcisions that had to be made. Bush, on the other hand cooked the books on Iraq intel and bungled how America should fight the threat of terrorism – the automoble still kills more people every year then died on 9-11 – to put that threat in perspective.