Poor Little Ann Coulter, Getting To That Information Age Economy

Coulter bias explained

According to a post or rumor posted by Drudge, right-wing  zealot Ann Coulter has been banned from NBC forever. So far there is no proof that is the case. It appears she may have been bumped and rescheduled. As snarky as this might sound I wonder why the Right is upset. Is it their view that Coulter’s books, columns, radio and TV appearances have been a crucial part of winning over moderate Americans to Conservatism. The statistics suggest that if Coulter is one of their top recruiters she’s a miserable failure. Maybe the Right thinks her Today Show appearances are an integral part of their political apparatus, helping them win political office. Republicans have lost substantial ground in the last two election cycles during which Coulter has made multiple TV appearances on multiple networks. A Conservative blog called Sacred Monkey‘s declares, Banning Ann Coulter … the woman that liberals love to hate.

How sad and pathetic has it go that the bias in the media would become so obvious and pander to those that would prevent free speech.

[   ]…Dissent is supposed to be embraced in America, not banned.

SM is utterly lacking in any sense of irony. Coulter is on a book tour. She was on CBS this morning and she will appear on multiple media outlets over the next few months. Again this raises the specter of what it is, what quality of ideas, that Coulter dispenses that America must hear and hear multiple times. SM must buy into the theory that Coulter possesses some unique truth, extraordinary insights and keen ideas and if only given the chance to repeat them ad nauseum Americans will turn away from their left-of-center ways and bring back extremist Conservative control of federal and state government. If that is the case, Ann’s track record would strongly suggest that the Right might want to reconsider and go with a better spokesperson. The right-wing News Busters can’t even work itself into a genuine sounding outrage, Is Ann Coulter ‘Banned for Life’ from NBC? By Tim Graham

Coulter has been a glaring exception to the usually observed if unwritten rule that top-selling conservative authors don’t get booked on the networks.

No data to support that limp protest, but when have facts ever stopped a Con from making claims. America is up to its neck in right-wing prattle – if today is an average day and you have cable you’ll have more hours of Conservative opinion then you can actually watch. Not near a TV, hour after hour of right-wing radio. Prefer print, there are plenty of right-wing columnists to choose from. Coulter gets bumped and its dark day America. Nice to see that Republicans have no plan to reassess their sense of proportion.

Its possible that many Americans have caught on to the fact that Coulter is a flame throwing serial liar, Guilty: Coulter’s latest book filled with falsehoods

Pelosi’s power move leaves House Republicans fuming

But Democratic leadership sources dispute the GOP characterizations, noting that Republicans will still have an opportunity to offer an amendment to bills on the floor, though they won’t have the ability to invoke an arcane rule that would in effect kill the entire underlying measure.

Republican rules were created and used to cut off debate. Should the minority party be given a package of parliamentary tricks in order to stall llegilation they don’t like. Doing away with  committe chair term limits is probably a mistake with the exception of the Intelligence Chair in both Houses. It does take years to really get up to speed on Intelligence matters. I’m surprised that chairmanships aside, Pelosi might be making power Beltway power plays in Congress a little more difficult.

Eliot Spitzer is back to stir things up, The Obama stimulus package should be spent on transformative investments, not bridges and buildings.

These are just a few possible infrastructure investments. The list is long, and the right infrastructure could provide the basis for a redirected economy. Long term, the most important investments are not on the easy list of “off the shelf” projects. Yes, good roads and bridges are important. But investing in the necessary public goods to support a post-hydrocarbon, information-based economy is a much better choice than using the stimulus to patch up the old economy.

Spitzer might be underestimating Obama’s commitment to a new “information-based economy”economy. So far the president-elect has sent strong signals that that is part of his long term plan. Though its not a bad thing to apply a little editorial pressure. Its not an either or situation as The Big Picture points out. We need some short term – shovels, dump trucks, water line rebuilding and bridges stimulus – hopefully that will help fuel the new improved economy that Spitzer and the rest of us want  – except for  Mitch McConnell (R-KY) who is hoping the U.S. falls into a deep depression so he say I told you so.  Mitch would know about spending, he was one of Bush’s most reliable deficit spending lackeys.