Ferns and Trees Autumn wallpaper and a Morning News Roundup

Ferns and Trees Autumn wallpaper

The Right called and some still call President-elect Obama a “socialist”. Actual socialists seem to feel differently,  Many Islanders Expect Better Relationship With U.S. Under New President

Vicente González says that although Barack Obama is no Karl Marx — “he is a capitalist and likely an imperialist” — he has high hopes that the new president could begin to warm the relationship between Cuba and the United States, which remains frozen in a Cold War time warp. “It is time,” the Havana barber said, perhaps unwittingly repeating the Obama slogan, “for a change.”

Currently Cuban-Americans may only visit Cuban relatives once evry three years and Bush also tightened the amount of money that could be sent to Cuban relatives. Its a cartoon foreign policy brought to life. especially since there are relatively easy ways to circumvent those restrictions. probably not at the top of Obama’s list of priorities, but hopefully he will end the silliness as soon as is practical.

During the elections Politico suddenly didn’t completely suck. They seem to be sinking back into suckiness, ‘Senator’ Biden’s trip raises concerns by Carol E. Lee

Joe Biden has always had a flair for doing things differently – but his upcoming trip to South Asia may set a new standard.

The vice president-elect will be traveling to Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. But he won’t really be traveling as the vice president-elect – he’ll be traveling as the chairman of Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Only he’ll be resigning from the Senate in a few weeks. Even though he was sworn in Tuesday for his seventh term.

Got that?

Thank goodness that M’s Lee found the time to sort out the complexities of still Senator Biden, but also still Vice-president-elect Biden. As a Senator traveling with  Senator John Kerry (D-Mass), Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Sen. Susan Collins (R- Maine) on a fact finding mission, foreign leaders, all of whom are complete dolts will be in a near catatonic state trying to figure out how to talk to a group of senators, one of whom will be vice-president in a week and the others who might retire some day and open a deli. Odd how Politico finds this all so confusing and James Rosen at McClatchy doesn’t. Could it be that Biden and these other Senators are anxious to make some headway in a part of the world that Bush allowed to fall into near chaos.

This was odd news considering that George Soros figures prominently in right-wing conspiracy theories about the vast liberal conspiracy, and Micheal Dell is, or was the last I heard a Republican – Failed IndyMac Sold For $13.9 Billion

The investors have formed a partnership, called IMB Management Holdings LP, that includes Dell Inc. founder Michael Dell’s investment firm, MSD Capital.

Once the deal closes, the investment group would pour $1.3 billion in new capital into IndyMac and continue to operate the Pasadena, Calif-based bank, the FDIC says.

“We have assembled a group of experienced private investors in financial services to acquire the former IndyMac and operate it under new management with extensive banking experience,” Mnuchin said in a statement. “We will inject significant private capital into IndyMac so that it can once again effectively serve its customers and communities.”

Other investors in the partnership include five private equity firms or hedge funds: J.C. Flowers & Co.; Stone Point Capital; Paulson & Co.; a fund controlled by billionaire George Soros’ Fund Management; and a fund controlled by Silar Advisors LP.

The Right obviously takes Ann Coulter very seriously as a spokesperson for their world view. Liberals and independents should be thankful. She is certainly a very visible part of the Conservative brand along with some other zealots, but ironically no liberal could damage the Republican brand the way the Coulters and other right-wing spokes persons can, After penning book blasting “the way liberals use victimhood,” Coulter portrayed herself as victim of an NBC “setup”

Among the purported “real victims” Coulter cited were President Bush, former Sen. Joseph McCarthy, former Supreme Court nominee Robert H. Bork, and former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. Moments later, Smith added: “[Y]ou should have a cross. You should put yourself up on a cross.” Coulter responded: “No, but I’m not citing me. I’m citing the real victims whom I’m defending and demanding that this perpetual-motion machine of the liberal-victimization machine, playing victim while oppressing others, the millions of illegitimate children born every year, the people who are mugged by the millions of illegitimate children every year. They are the genuine victims.”

So Sarah Palin’s new grand child is nothing but another mugger? The alcoholic draft avoiding son of a multi-millionaire dynasty is a victim? The alcoholic modern era witch hunter ego maniac Joe McCarthy was a victim?  McCarthy was brought down in large part by a Republican president named Eisenhower,

Eisenhower quietly exerted pressure on Republican senators to go forward with a censure of McCarthy. In December 1954, the Wisconsin senator was condemned for conduct unbecoming a Senator.

The Republican party has moved so far to the Right that by today’s standards Eisenhower probably could pass for a liberal.