A nation or civilization that continues to produce soft-minded men purchases its own spiritual death on the installment plan

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A few days ago I was reading this news round-up at the progressive Tapped blog that mentioned a post by the far Right Redstate that in so many words said that America should be grateful that Bush didn’t declare martial law and continue his presidency,  Will Left Accept That They Were Wrong About Bush?. To call it a sophomoric attempt to paint most Americans, not just liberals as crazy and paranoid is to give it more credit then due. A link to Bush declaring an emergency so that D.C. authorities could provide more crowd control, a link to Yahoo Answers ( the place where all definitive policy declarations by Democrats are to be found. Who knew.), a poll at a news aggregation site and exactly one over wrought editorial at CommonDreams. The depth of research is astounding; you’ll easily recognize the winger that wrote it by the ace bandage on his sore wrist and blistered clicking finger. I’ve read a little paranoid hyperbole over the years by a few people in comment sections. We’ve all been down the comments road before, considering the rabid comments one can find on right-wing blogs should they really be going there.

Freaks and geeks on message boards were a’twitter over the fear of a Bushhitler coup. Only a year ago, the nutballs at Wired magazine were wearing sack cloth and gnashing teeth over the faux possibility. And don’t get me started on the extremists of Newsvine, the commies at CommonDreams.org, and…. well, you get the picture. (emphasis mine)

Consider instead Redstate’s actual content above and their efforts at fund rising. Which included the perfectly sane and reasonable? Obama is the anti-Christ button, mug or t-shirt. Thomas Dolby onc sang that he was blinded by science, RS’s blind spot is obsequious partisanship to THE MOVEMENT,

Yet, here we are only days from the Inauguration of Barack Obama, a man that couldn’t be farther from the sort of image of a president strong on national defense and interested in rooting out and destroying Islamic terror that were the hallmark traits of George W. Bush.

The RAND Corporation, not exactly a bastion of liberalism reported back in 2008 that,

Current U.S. strategy against the terrorist group al Qaida has not been successful in significantly undermining the group’s capabilities, according to a new RAND Corporation study issued today.

Al Qaida has been involved in more terrorist attacks since Sept. 11, 2001, than it was during its prior history and the group’s attacks since then have spanned an increasingly broader range of targets in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, according to researchers.

In looking at how other terrorist groups have ended, the RAND study found that most terrorist groups end either because they join the political process, or because local police and intelligence efforts arrest or kill key members. Police and intelligence agencies, rather than the military, should be the tip of the spear against al Qaida in most of the world, and the United States should abandon the use of the phrase “war on terrorism,” researchers concluded.

Bush is to terrorism what cow manure is to vegetable gardens. If you love terrorism, Bush and the neocons are your threats to national security manure. If president Obama decreases terrorism by 1% he will have achieved what Bush the “hallmark” guy couldn’t do in nearly eight years.

Most folks, except some of the MSM have already read this, The media myth about the cost of Obama’s inauguration

Did you hear that “some are saying” Barack Obama’s inauguration will cost “$160 million,” which is $100 million more than George W. Bush’s last swearing-in? That’s the tale the crew at Fox & Friends was telling on January 15. “Why does the thing have to cost so much?” demanded co-host Gretchen Carlson. “I don’t get it. George Bush spent $42.3 million and that was just four years ago.” She wondered why Obama needed “another $100 million” for his celebration.

[  ]…It also highlighted the type of news you can generate when making blatantly false comparisons. In this case, it was the cost of the Obama and Bush inaugurations. The connection was unfair because the Obama figure of $160 million that got repeated in the press included security costs associated with the massive event. But the Bush tab of $42 million left out those enormous costs. Talk about stacking the deck.

Fox and the always reliably wrong Newsmax are echoing the comparisons with the cost of security figured in for Obama’s inauguration, but no security costs for Bush’s bash four years ago. An honest debate about the incredible costs of these ceremonies is certainly welcome, but that’s not what the Right is having.

The BBC found a video tape of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1964 predicting we’d have a black president in forty years.

Good Riddance, Vile Prince

In business, he failed consistently. His M.B.A degree was of little use in the oil business as he bet on dry hole after dry oil. Bankruptcy would look bad on his resume so his daddy’s friends consistentl y bailed him out.

In one of his business ventures, he used inside information to unload stock that was about to tank. He got caught. A friend of his daddy’s at the S.E.C. slapped his hand and he promised he wouldn’t steal again from the other shareholders. The report on the dirty dealing remains sealed to this day.

Bush, the pillar of meritocracy. A Surprise for the Right Obama’s Election Has Caused a Patriotic Spirit to Sweep America. Among other things Robert Creamer reminds us that in face of our current hardships President Obama called on Americans to “commitment to something outside of yourself”, while after 9-11 The Decider Guy told America to go shopping.

A nation or civilization that continues to produce soft-minded men purchases its own spiritual death on the installment plan.
Martin Luther King, Jr.