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Officials: Family planning money may be dropped

House Democrats are likely to jettison family planning funds for the low-income from an $825 billion economic stimulus bill, officials said late Monday, following a personal appeal from President Barack Obama at a time the administration is courting Republican critics of the legislation.

Sometimes its actually done to speed a small bit of legislation through the bureaucratic mill, but on general principle Congress has often resorted to attaching non-related legislation into large bills. Its bad habit that should be curtailed as much as possible. That said there is a case to be made that helping low income families with family planning is a good thing in economic terms for individual families and long term, a positive for the economy. For those that claim to care about families and lowering the number of abortions, i.e. Conservatives, backing this indirectly related legislation should have been something they would back simply because it also benefits their cultural agenda – in a choice between birth control and abortion, Conservatives chose abortion. Once again, those Conservatives, hypocrites to the core, have geared up the noise machine to make it about condoms and tax money. Another Democratic blogger claims that it was all too predictable that Democrats would cave. Technically President Obama caved and used some political capital to get Democratic Congressional leaders to go along. While the legislation is very likely to reappear in the future, Obama’s bargaining skills are in need of improvement. He gave Republicans a concession in good faith, but counting the number of Republican votes swayed toward the stimulus because of the compromise and you get a big fat zero. Hopefully Obama and Company get the message, the Conservative idea of compromise is when they get everything they want. Cons have given no sign they will stop being the party of petulant brats. Taking Responsibility: Republicans Continue Recovery Obstruction

Lewis (Rep. Jerry “King of Pork” Lewis’s(R-CA) also makes totally false arguments about the cost of job creation. He claims that if the package creates only 3 million jobs, the cost per job of an $825 billion package would be $275,000. The Romer analysis, however, indicates that by the fourth quarter of 2010 the smaller package first put forward by the White House would have created 3.6 million jobs. That analysis also shows that in addition to the jobs created in 2010 the package would create substantial additional numbers of jobs in 2009, 2011, and 2012, making the annual cost per job a small fraction of the figure used by Lewis.

While Romer and Jared Bernstein–now Vice President Joe Biden’s chief economic advisor–used very conservatives estimates of job creation, another estimate by Mark Zandi, the Chief Economist at Moody’s Economy.Com, projects that a somewhat smaller package than the one now under consideration by Congress would produce nearly than 15 million additional man years of employment between now and the end of 2012. That works out to about $50,000 per man year of work. It should also be noted that the plan will produce a substantial number of additional jobs beyond 2012.

The librul media is doing their job to help America understand what’s at stake and how much it will cost, REPORT: TV Media Cited Disputed CBO ‘Report’ At Least 81 Times In Past Six Days

This CBO report is more timely and accurate, Congressional Budget Office has good news for Democrats

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office Monday had some good news — sort of — for President Barack Obama and House Democrats: About two-thirds of their economic stimulus bill would be pumped into the economy through Sept. 30, 2010.

And, CBO said, it “anticipates that (the bill) would have a noticeable impact on economic growth and employment in the next few years.”

Let’s say 66%. Less then the 75% estimated by Obama’s economic team, but far more then the bogus 38% sited by the right-wing media.

While Congressional Republicans blow bubbles and right-wing pundits site bogus reports American is hemorrhaging jobs, Corporate cutbacks’ mounting toll on jobs

Here is a list of recently announced reductions in jobs. In some cases, totals include previously announced layoffs.
Date    Company    Layoffs    Pct. of workforce
Monday    Caterpillar 20,000    18%
Pfizer 19,500    15%
Sprint Nextel    8,000    14%
Home Depot    7,000    2%
Texas Instruments    1,800    12%
Friday       Harley-Davidson    1,100    11%
Thursday     Microsoft 5,000    5%
Wednesday    Sun Microsystems    1,300    15%-18%

Just for laughs, one Republican blogger on the recovery package and the great condom conspiracy, Morning Bell: What Is the Spending Multiplier on a Pack of Condoms?

Again, the family planning issue is just one example of how the left is using the cover of the stimulus to advance their long-term goals of increasing the size of the federal government.(emphasis mine)

A) The blogger is incapable of the brain functions capable of comprehending reality. B) has been in a coma the last eight years. C) Mom forgot to bring his hot cocoa down to the basement and is feeling cranky. Under Bush, Federal Spending Increases at Fastest Rate in 30 Years, Big Government Under the Bush Administration, Historically Democrats have always been better for the economy