Today’s Delusions: Conservatives Still Feel They Deserve America’s Trust

Fax from the noise machine

Republicans Urged To Back Relief Package – Obama Meets With Lawmakers for Hours. He meet with Republicans for hours and they have decided they are going to vote against the stimulus package. One which probably contains too much in the way of tax cuts, but Republicans claim that the tax cuts are not big enough. Other then officially move us to a Social Darwinism State in which the government is no more then a Po.O. Box, no Obama tax cuts would have been large enough. If your partisan opponents are going to be dishonest and disingenuous about finding solutions to our economic woes, bipartisan solutions become a fairy tale goal. Republicans do not seem the least fazed by the fact they were in charge of the economy, dragged it to the bottom and now claim that the country should not believe recent history and their lying eyes, fellow Republicans once again into the abyss. If the Boehners, Kyls, and Limbaughs have gained some new deep insights, had a grand epiphany from their experiences the last eight to ten years, they are not sharing them with the nation. Pissing and moaning about not being a bigger part of the development of the stimulus only passes for insight at the bar in the Wingnut Hilton. Not having a bigger say is the consequence of being voted out of power. They shouldn’t have squandered that power on runaway spending, irresponsible tax cuts, lied us into an unnecessary war and did their best to protect the financial sector from the regulation that might have prevented the necessity of a stimulus. President Obama has been underestimated so many times that his extremely bipartisan overtures to Congressional Republicans may almost seem obsequious. Then it dawned on me that those overtures might be playing Republicans. Obama has the public’s support, the votes in the House and probably the Senate without Republicans. A year from now the markets have settled some, the stimulus is working. Who wasn’t on the boat? Republicans. Which party is has egg on its face going into the mid-terms in 2010? Republicans. Obama scores again.

This is going to get tiresome – the Bush/Republican legacy will be haunting us for years, US roads, water and basic systems earn ‘D’ grade

America’s roads, public transit and aviation have gotten worse in the past four years. Water and sewage systems are dreadful. The basic physical backbone of American society is barely above failing, a report by top engineers says.

It’ll cost $2.2 trillion to fix America’s ailing infrastructure, according to highlights of a report being released early, just as the House of Representatives…

Yet it is all too easy to find a dead ender defending “progress” in Iraq by listing all the infrastructure projects that have been completed – you know the ones that were paid for by our tax dollars because they were destroyed because Bush had to get his optional war on. Republicans, the party that is pro stimulus for Iraq, anti-stimulus for America. FBI saw mortgage fraud early – Agents say they lacked resources to pursue it

The FBI was aware for years of “pervasive and growing” fraud in the mortgage industry that eventually contributed to America’s financial meltdown, but did not take definitive action to stop it.

“It is clear that we had good intelligence on the mortgage-fraud schemes, the corrupt attorneys, the corrupt appraisers, the insider schemes,” said a recently retired, high FBI official. Another retired top FBI official confirmed that such intelligence went back to 2002.

The problem, according to the two FBI retirees and several other current and former bureau colleagues, is that the bureau was stretched so thin that no one noticed when those lenders began packaging bad mortgages into bad securities.

One of the things the FBI was forced to do was follow bad leads generated by Bush’s illegal wiretapping program, Late 2001: NSA Domestic Wiretapping Ties Up FBI with Bad Leads

FBI officials repeatedly complain that the unfiltered information is bogging down the bureau: according to over a dozen current and former law enforcement and counterterrorism officials, the flood of tips provide them and their colleagues with very few real leads against terrorism suspect.

Yesterday when I posted about the time frame of stimulus package spending I didn’t count in the possible effects of the tax cuts, CNN’s Henry misrepresented CBO cost estimate of economic stimulus bill

On CNN’s Lou Dobbs Tonight, Ed Henry asserted that the Congressional Budget Office’s cost estimate of the economic stimulus bill “basically says that 52 percent of the money will be spent out over the next 18 months, that some 64, 65 percent of the bill will be paid out over the first two years.” However, Henry’s calculations are based on outlays only, excluding the plan’s tax cut provisions. Including both outlays and tax cuts, the CBO estimated that about 64 percent of the recovery bill would be paid out within 19 months, and about 86 percent by the end of fiscal year 2011.

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