A Few Landscape Wallpapers and some news snips

American Classic and Wildflowers wallpaper

Rocks and Sea Shore wallpaper

Black and White Winter Mountains wallpaper

Military Families Still Pay The Price

Do you know that a US serviceman or woman still is killed every other day in Iraq? That an Iraq War veteran takes his or her own life nearly every day?

Iraq’s Gravedigging Industry Is at 100% Full Employment

Not far, in the Al-Adhamiya area of Baghdad, what used to be a park is now a cemetery with more than 5,000 graves. According to the manager, most of the dead are never counted.

“Most of the bodies buried here are never reported in the media,” Abu Ayad Nasir Walid, 45, manager of the cemetery told IPS. He has been the manager here since the park was converted into a cemetery amidst the bloodletting from sectarian violence in early 2006.

Spending vs. Tax Cuts: Everything You Need to Know in One Chart

The takeaway? Food stamps, unemployment benefits, and infrastructure investment put the most money back into the economy for every dollar spent on them. Tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy do the least. (A payroll tax holiday, which is essentially a tax break for poor people, isn’t so bad.) Job creation maps similarly.

Democrats in Congress Need to Learn How to Lead

The question is: What are the Democrats in congress going to do about it? Are they going to roll over like they have for the past two years and give the Republicans what they want? (Just as McCain seems to think they will.) Or are they going to grow a pair and stand up not just for what they believe to be right, but, as importantly, what they were put in office by the electorate to do?

Governor Sarah Palin is another Republican that is pro aid for Iraq and anti-aid for America.