The Clinton Attacks Begin Again, The Graham-DeMint School of Government

Regular Faux News contributor, adulterer, Republican and prostitute toe sucker Dick Morris, for some inexplicable reason, has been welcomed at The Hill to continue his Clinton stalking, Hillary’s incredible, shrinking role

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is finding that her job description is dissolving under her feet, leaving her with only a vestige of the power she must have thought she acquired when she signed on to be President Obama’s chief Cabinet officer.

After years of Morris trying to pass himself off on the public as an insight filled pundit, we can now add mind reader to his resume. Is The Hill turning into the National Hill Enquirer where dull minds hang out and make sh*t up to justify that two martini lunch on the expense account. Secretary of State Clinton was sworn into office on January 21, 2009. She is already on a tour of Asia. A trip that will include Japan, Indonesia, the Republic of Korea and China. Morris lists Richard Holbrooke as one usurper of Clinton’s power,

• Richard Holbrooke, the former Balkan negotiator and U.N. ambassador, has been named special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan. He insisted on direct access to the president, a privilege he was denied during much of the Clinton years.

It was in fact Clinton who suggested that Afghanistan/Pakistan have its own special envoy. The rest of the  evidence that is supposed to start off the Right’s inevitable campaign to portray Clinton as somehow weak or being undermined by the big boys is equally lacking in proof. Odd that we’ve seen no articles from Morris on Colin Powell’s lack of power in the Bush administration. Bolton flouted agency’s rules, officials say

As under secretary of state, John Bolton routinely arranged meetings with Israeli, Russian, British and French officials without first notifying the State Department offices responsible for relations with those countries, according to three former department officials.

Morris touts Obama’s closeness to Gen. James L. Jones, Obama’s new national security adviser. A relationship that is probably less close, knowing their history, then the relationship between Condi Rice and Bush when she was his NSA. Morris even admits that the SOS’s role is not defined in granite. It is fluid from one administration to the next and depending on events and personalities can change during an administration. Even a Bush loyalist like Rice who had a large part in echoing administration lies about Iraq, played a role that was second place to Dick Cheney in conducting foreign policy. If Clinton ends up competing with Biden or Jones in that respect its far from scintillating hot off the press news.

Graham-DeMint School of Government

The Senate on Tuesday passed an $838 billion economic-stimulus bill demanded by President Barack Obama despite opposition from Sens. Lindsey Graham, Jim DeMint and all but three other Republican senators.

[  ]…Graham, a Seneca Republican, ridiculed the Senate legislation as “an obscenity” and “a bunch of garbage” that won’t come close to meeting Obama’s goal of creating or preserving 4 million jobs.

[   ]…”Democrats are now asking taxpayers for a trillion-dollar spending bill, a trillion-dollar (bank) bailout, and they will soon seek over $400 billion more for an omnibus appropriations bill filled with earmarks,” DeMint said.

“I’m very concerned that this reckless spending will create a staggering deficit that will lead to inflation and higher taxes that will cripple our economy,” he said.

Lindsay and DeMint have at least four faces between them. Sure look back over the past few years and you”ll find both expressing very grave concerns about the 10 trillion dollar deficit that they voted for ( You will not find any warnings from them about the financial crisis). Apparently 11 trillion dollars is where they draw a line in the sand. At least they could be honest about it. Graham and DeMint have claimed the stimulus plan is all pork and will not create many jobs, but not surprising for these Two Stooges, they can’t seem to produce any evidence counter to the CBO study that says it will create a substantial number of jobs – almost 4 million. It would be unfair as one blogger suggested to withhold stimulus funds from the states of the Senators that voted against the package, but then we’d be punishing the workers of those states for the numbskullery of their representatives.

There is some recent history of the GOP and media attacks on the Clintons in this article by Robert parry,  The GOP’s Jihad on Obama