The Recovery Act and Shrill Heights of Republican Hyperbole

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If only GOP hyperbole was worth something the U.S. economy would snap out of this Depression in no time. Unfortunately its only good for a laugh or sigh at best. The Recovery Act is “rape” according to a Con named Kevin McCullough. The movement to which Kevin belongs lied and manipulated America into a war, ran up a 10 plus trillion dollar debt, let America’s infrastructure fall a part, treated the Constitution like toilet paper and taking one small step toward trying to undo some of the damage is exactly the same thing as rape. The last time Kevin got a paper cut I’m guessing the local emergency room suffered some ear shattering screams of suffering.

Then there’s Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA-10), who probably with the help of his staff and a giant box of Crayolas just wrote down every adjective they could copy from the Little Hand Book of Republicanism: How to be an Assclown,

Madam Speaker, I stand here today because Americans face a fork in the road. One side leads to socialism and the other path leads to freedom. This nonstimulus bill is the road to socialism. It will give us a journey that includes bureaucratic controls, high taxes, government intervention, Cuba-style medicine and economic collapse of America. This steam roller of socialism is being shoved down our throats and it will strangle our economy. This porkulus bill has a few decent provisions in it but is mostly filled with mystery meat. Rancid meat. Like the millions for plug-in government cars and millions for mouse restoration, that will ruin the entire meal.

Socialism is when the public or rather government owns the means of production. Lindsay Graham (R-SC) is the one talking about the government nationalizing banks – it might not be a bad idea, but I hope it doesn’t come to that. If President Obama and Democrats succeed they will have been the ones that saved our free market system, rather then the unholy unregulated corporate partnership that Republicans created between government and Wall St. Obama cut taxes. If Broun had read the legislation he’d know that. The Recovery Act could only be shoved down America’s throat if we didn’t have elections or representatives that could not vote for or against. Most Representatives and Senators voted for the Recovery Act – its called democracy. America won and Dr. Crayola lost. “Strangle” the economy – you mean the one that is in the tank because  Broun, Broun clones and Bush tanked it. If the Recovery Act is generational theft at about 800 billion, then the Republican deficit of 10 trillion is the same as stealing from 9 generations. So if generational theft is a game its one where Conservatives are way ahead.

Obama Gains G.O.P. Support From Governors

Across the country, from California’s Arnold Schwarzenegger to Florida’s Charlie Crist and New England’s Jim Douglas in Vermont and M. Jodi Rell in Connecticut, Republican governors showed in the stimulus debate that they could be allies with Mr. Obama even as Congressional Republicans spurned him.

[  ]…Recently, Governors Schwarzenegger, Crist, Douglas and Rell joined 14 Democratic governors in signing a letter to Mr. Obama lauding his economic plan. Other Republicans would have signed on, said a person familiar with the letter’s drafting, but for party pressure in their states.

Bipartisanship to Congressional Republicans means that even though they’re the minority party they should get everything they want. If they don’t, Conservatives will thrown temper tantrums and just make stuff up.

Iraq is the Republican gift that keeps on draining America’s resources, Missing Iraq billions could be ‘greatest fraud in US history’

Monday, The Independent’s Iraq correspondent Patrick Cockburn reported the inspectors believe misuse may account for over $50 billion, exceeding the scope of Bernie Madoff’s massive Ponzi scheme and making it potentially the “greatest fraud in US history.”

[   ]…”‘Hard Lessons,’ a draft of which was leaked to the news media in December, concludes that the U.S. reconstruction effort in Iraq was a failure, largely because there was no overall strategy behind it,” reported the Washington Post. “Goals shifted from ‘liberation’ and an early military exit to massive, ill-conceived and expensive building projects under the Coalition Provisional Authority of 2003 and 2004. Many of those projects — over budget, poorly executed or, often, barely begun — were abandoned as security worsened.

Lesson: Never let a Republican tell you how to manage money or a war or a corral of turtles.

Home and car buyers get tax breaks in stimulus package

•First-time home buyers. First-time home buyers are eligible for an $8,000 tax credit. And unlike the $7,500 credit enacted last year, this one doesn’t have to be repaid, unless you sell your home within three years.

•New car buyers. Purchasers of new cars and trucks will be allowed to deduct sales or excise taxes. This is an above-the-line deduction, so you don’t have to itemize to claim it.

•Parents of college-bound students. The bill contains a more generous tax credit for higher education than the existing Hope college credit. Parents will be allowed to claim a tax credit of up to $2,500 a year to cover higher-education expenses.

The particulars are at the link.