Karl Rove Wins for Meritorious Achievement in Concern Trolling

Karl’s Overcooked Concern trolling

Bush 43’s former Deputy Chief of Staff, Karl Rove seems to have quite the addiction – concern trolling. Despite being one of the major arcitects of the fall of Conservatism, its certainly his privledge to ignore his personal political failures, his probable illegal activities, the abysmal governance which guided the poltical views that were and still are the antithesis of democracy, but like many addicts he seems think that just because he honestly believes in his own bull, everyone else believes it and takes it seriously. He’s like a mentally detached clown that isn’t aware that everyone can see the garish make-up, red nose and big clown shoes. Is the Administration Winging It? – Obama’s reputation for competence is at risk

And now the administration has scored a major legislative victory in an extraordinarily short period of time. Less than 700 hours after taking the oath of office, President Barack Obama signed the largest spending bill in American history.

Slick, but a reality check. Its was not simply spending ( it also includd one of the biggest ax ccuts in recent history). Not even those strawman free spending liberals the Right invented would have voted to just start printing money and going on a spending frenzy. Its was a stimulus bill to inject money into an economy Unka Karl and crew left in shambles. Historic spending bills – how about the insane bender that the Republicans have been on for eight years in which they spent the country from a comfortable surplus to a record deficit. Obama is an amateur at less then $800 billion – he’d have to double that every year for the next four years to catch up with the Karl Party. Rove goes on to explain how he really cares about Daschle’s tax problems and how General Zinni got the run around. Please, are we to believe that a person like Karl who was part of one of the most partisan and ideologically obsessed in American history cares about some fumbles in vetting in a new president’s first few weeks. Where is the line of people waiting to consult Rove, who helped Bush 43, the MBA president a perennial loser in his business ventures, become one of our most disastrous presidency’s,

It’s highly unlikely that more than 180,000 jobs will be created each month by the end of next year. The precise, state-by-state job numbers the administration used to sell the stimulus are likely to come back to haunt them as well.

This from an administration who created a net zero jobs after two terms. The CBO figures, which the Obama administration has touted estimate between 1.3 to 3.9 million jobs will be created between now and the end of 2010. Any number of jobs that Obama saves from the ravages of the Bush ecnomy will be progress.

Rove goes on to express how very much he cares about Obama taking a second look at interrogation polices. While Obama has been disappointing to many of us in that regard – promising to adhere to standard military guidelines – again its hard to believe that a guy that isn’t bothered by advocating instrumental rape based on some legal cover that was more political then Constitutional, has any genuine concerns about Obama’s interrogation polices other then hoping Obama provides cover for Bush’s law breaking. To which Rove was an accessory.

Barack Obama won the job he craved, now he must demonstrate that he and his team are up to its requirements. The signs are worrisome. The world is a dangerous place. The days of winging it need to end.

Again the Conservative Double Standard Rules have been called upon – a habit that much of the media is sure to follow. Every step Obama and his administration makes must be golden, but even if they lived up to that standard – achieving Democratic goals – Rove will be there serving up more overcooked baloney. All Democratic goals are by Rovian definition, bad. If Obama achieves what most Americans elected him to do he will be successful, but the man behind the clown nose will try to sell it as failure. A little history about first 100 days and presidents,

The elder Bush set low expectations in 1989 for his first 100 days in the White House. And he largely met those low expectations — mostly because he had the luxury to do so.

[  ]…For his part, Bush said he was unconcerned about any high expectations for a president’s first 100 days — a notion that he said had largely been drummed up by the press. “I don’t even think in terms of 100 days, because we aren’t radically shifting things,” Bush said at a news conference on April 20, 1989. “This is the Martin Van Buren analogy. We didn’t come in here throwing the rascals out to try to do something — correct all the ills of the world in 100 days.”

Republicans presidents can roam around clueless for their first hundred days and  brag about it, even as then (1989) the S&L scandal was unfolding,

Savings & Loan, 1989 –   The Financial Institutions Reform Recovery and Enforcement Act authorized $293.8 billion dollars to finance the folding of numerous failed S&Ls. The final tab for the bailout was roughly $220.32 billion. Of that total, taxpayers were responsible for about $178.56 billion; the private sector covered the rest.

Bush 41 had to bail-out the S&Ls especially in light of the Reagan deregulation frenzy that helped cause them and his kids, Neil and Jeb, were up to their neck in fraud related to the S&Ls failures. Lectures from Republican talking heads about political policy, spending and ethics are always little theatrical plays in absurdity. Bush 43 was determined to develop a missile defence shield – the one we’ve been pouring billions into for decades (the hitting a bullet with a bullet fantasy)- he failed. Bush promised to remove troops immediately from the Balkans when campaigning – Powell told him that wasn’t smart – Bush 43 went with the change Powell recommended ( one of the few times). Bush claimed that North Korea was the major threat to world security – Bin Laden attacks on 9-11. Bush first takes tough guy stand on downed U.S. spy plane in China – ends up apologizing. The list goes on and Rove was part of the decision making that was already making many Americans wonder if Bush wasn’t in risk of losing the appearance of being competent – turns out we were right and we didn’t do any bombastic concern trolling to make our point.

Consumers Union on Bush 43’s first 100 days.

Bush 43 got a easy ride from the media in his first hundred days compared to Clinton