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Remember the draft of the $410 omnibus spending bill that contained 9000 earmarks. All of those earmarks were, according to the Revulters, pork and all Democratic pork at that. Apparently, as is usually the case the Revulters lied – it is not all pork is obvious, but it turns out that 40%(as befits the minority party) of those earmarks are from Republicans, AP ignored Democrats’ response to earmark criticism: 40% are from Republicans

While quoting Republicans attacking the bill for earmarks, Espo did not note a handout distributed on February 24 by House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) titled “You can’t spell ‘earmark’ without an ‘R,’ ” asserting that “40% of the earmarks in the omnibus appropriations bill are Republican earmarks.” The handout also stated that “[t]he earmarks in the omnibus appropriations bill total less than 1% of the budget,” and that they “were reduced by 43% last year, and the omnibus appropriations bill reduces earmarks by another 5%.”

There were no earmarks in the stimulus bill, i.e. Recovery Act. Obviously not perfect ,but we’re making progress from the days of Republican bagman Jack Abramoff and Tom Delay’s K-Street. When Democrats regained control of the House of Representatives in 2006, earmarks went down immediately, the number of earmarks signed into law declined by 25%.

It does appear that the “grassroots” Revulters are composed mostly of astro turf, Backstabber: Is Rick Santelli High On Koch?. This blogger – The Daily Bail – may have been wrongly included in the list of astro turf sites. He is an independent who voted for Obama, but simply doesn’t like the bail-out scenario as planned.

I’m conflicted about how to respond.  While I’m pissed off that you accuse The Daily Bail of being an ‘astroturf’ right-wing site, I also think you did some good investigative work and exposed some important connections between some of these groups.  However, again, what you imply about us could not be further from the truth.  Couldn’t you at least have tried to contact me before lumping us into a right-wing conspiracy?

Sadly,No has done some more background on both the astroturf aspect of the Tea Revulters and the hypocrisy behind their feigned outrage.

Lee Stranahan makes some fair points in Why Limbaugh Is Right to Oppose Obama’s Economic Policies.

We’re complicated. Deal with it. The thing we can do to get along better isn’t to expect to agree on things. Forget that. But we can agree to disagree without the pointless added bullshit playacting of pretending disagreement is treason. The healthy conflict of views on our homeland is as American as Christian TV preachers involved in gay sex scandals.

It’s a war of ideas. Bring it on, Rush,. We’ll keep the light on for you.

Let’s say that Stranahan is at least partly correct. In a democracy you have ideologocal wars. They come hand in hand with the concept of democracy. Some Republicans – mostly the mom and pop Republicans that live next door, not the overwrought Republicans we here 24/7 on the media, have some honest differences of opinion on how the current economic crisis should be handled. Stranahan might not have read Limbaugh’s recent statement about new ideas, Limbaugh Takes On Gingrich: ‘We’ve Got To Stamp This Out Within This Movement’

Everybody asks me — and I’m sure it’s been a focal point of your convention — well, what do we do, as conservatives? What do we do? How do we overcome this? … One thing we can all do is stop assuming that the way to beat them is with better policy ideas. […]

Our own movement has members trying to throw Reagan out while the Democrats know they can’t accomplish what they want unless they appeal to Reagan voters. We have got to stamp this out within this movement because it will tear us apart. It will guarantee we lose elections.

Limbaugh wants nothing to do with ideas. Reaganism is over. Reagan had no new ideas and those he is credited with are a myth. Ronnie was one of America’s worse presidents and has only started to look not so bad because of comparisons to Bush 43. So as Republicans with deep pockets that control the party and set the agenda, see the “Tea” Revulters, are determined to be the Limbaugh Party there will be few honest debates, few discussions about ideas, progress and the common good because the voice of Conservatism has declared war on ideas. CPAC gave Limbaugh some kind of award for being a defender of  Oxycontin the Constitution – I swear it wasn’t a skit on the Daily Show. That reminded me of the post Glenn Greenwald did about Republicans and privacy,

Still, it’s really a wondrous, and repugnant, sight to behold the Bush-following lynch mobs on the Right melodramatically defend the Virtues of Privacy and the Rule of Law. These, of course, are the same authoritarians who have cheered on every last expansion of the Lawless Surveillance State of the last eight years — put their fists in the air with glee as the Federal Government seized the power to listen to innocent Americans’ telephone calls; read our emails; obtain our banking, credit card, and library records; and create vast data bases of every call we make and receive and every prescription we fill and every instance of travel and other vast categories of information that remain largely unknown — all without warrants or oversight of any kind and often in clear violation of the law.

The same political faction which today is prancing around in full-throated fits of melodramatic hysteria and Victim mode (their absolute favorite state of being) over the sanctity of Sarah Palin’s privacy are the same ones who scoffed with indifference as it was revealed during the Bush era that the FBI systematically abused its Patriot Act powers to gather and store private information on thousands of innocent Americans; that Homeland Security officials illegally infiltrated and monitored peaceful, law-abiding left-wing groups devoted to peace activism, civil liberties and other political agendas disliked by the state; and that the telephone calls of journalists and lawyers have been illegally and repeatedly monitored.

And the same Surveillance State Worshipper leading today’s screeching — Michelle Malkin — spent the last several years deriding those who objected to the President’s illegal spying program as “privacy crusaders” and “constitutional absolutists” and “civil liberties absolutists”.

When Bush was president the Right was rabidly pro unchecked government powers. Suddenly we have a Democratic president for thrity days and its the end of the world. By all means let King Limbaugh charter the course of Conservatism. President Obama can safely start planinng his second term.