In Bizarro World Obama is the New Bush

From deputy editor of the WaPo editorial, page proof that some days they just sit around and think up contiguous baloney because writing something worthwhile would just take too much work, George W. Obama?

Most Americans are eager to forget about George W. Bush. But just over seven years ago, Bush found himself in much the same position as the new president today — leading the country through what was universally considered a national emergency.

The open paragraph and facts get the heavy air brush, blurred beyond recognition. Bush came into office with zero emergencies. The economy was in fair shape  with the slightest hint of the 90’s bubble starting to flatten. That should not have been a problem since The Big Dog left MBA Bush with a nice surplus to play with. 9-11-01, note the digit 9, didn’t start until nine months after Bush took office and while the economy took a $9 billion dollar hit from that – it was hardly an economic disaster in terms of the nations GDP. Bush immediately shoved through a tax cut. Not the reasonable payroll tax cut recommended by Democrats aimed at working class Americans, but a huge tax cut aimed primarily at people that do the least work – rewarding wealth for all the virtue that Republicans think is intrinsic to anyone that has tons of cash.

The president (Bush) failed to ask a willing nation for sacrifice, instead inviting consumers to shop and heaping on more tax cuts. Rather than forge a bipartisan response to the crisis, he used it to ram through big, polarizing pieces of the Republican Party’s ideological agenda — from asserting presidential powers to breach treaties to eliminating protections for federal workers. Worst, he chose to launch a war of choice in Iraq, thereby shredding what remained of post-Sept. 11 national unity and diverting attention and resources from the fight against al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.

True enough. Still the comparison to President Obama’s hesitance to ask for sacrifice is hardly comparable given that the emergence we’re facing now is one where circumstances are forcing sacrifice on the American people – unless you’re employed in the heath-care industry – the only segment of the economy that appears relatively unfazed. People get sick regardless of whose president. Obama’s payroll tax cut, the one Bush should have made, that may have helped avoid the historic deficits left to us and President Obama will help working Americans pay their rent and utility bills. Maybe even spend a little on goods and services to help other working class Americans. Sacrifices need to be made, lets not ask for them from the people that can least afford them.

Just as Bush promoted tax cuts as a remedy for surplus and then later as essential in a time of deficits, so Obama has come up with strained arguments as to why health-care reform, which he supported before the economic collapse, turns out to be essential to recovery. Yet as he convened his “health care summit” at the White House on Thursday, the stock market was hitting another 12-year-low; General Motors was again teetering on the brink of insolvency and the country was still waiting to hear the details of the Treasury’s proposal to bail out banks. George W. Bush might well be asking: Is the president taking his eye off the ball?

Its amazing this writer didn’t do the research, or even read his own paper or the NYT to extend their understanding of how health-care costs are hurting the economy

By 2011, health-care consumption expenditures in the U.S. are projected to reach 17 percent of GDP, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services..

And here,

While some people have predicted that Mr. Obama would have to shelve his priorities given rising deficits, his determination to proceed, especially on health care, reflects his economic advisers’ conviction that the government cannot control its finances without reforming health care. The ballooning cost of health care, and thus Medicare and Medicaid, is the biggest factor behind projections of unsustainable deficits in coming decades.

If you’re a carpenter you could become a nurse to take advantage of the growth in heath-care since framers and cabinet makers are hurting right now, but since we live in the real world where making those kinds of instant career turn arounds are not feasible for most people, health-care costs will continue to be a drain on businesses that provide health-care, and consumers. Obama has been in office for about a month – the market has been tanking for a year. The Republican response, in part, has been to block the appointment of Obama’s economic advisers – which is like not letting your surgeon have consults. Congress had a chance to force GM into a government sponsored bankruptcy, but blew that.

Ronald Reagan B-actor and Chesterfield-huckster

In bizarro world, otherwise known as the inside of the group think of the Right, they’re also trying to portray Obama as Bush,  The Meme That Wouldn’t Die

The references made sense to conservatives because, as Ed Driscoll demonstrates, conservatives have said for a year that the president cannot speak without an autocue. The meme started when the late Dean Barnett, a writer for the Weekly Standard, watched footage of Obama giving a speech with note cards wherein he “stumbled over his phrasing repeatedly.” A legend was born—the so-called great orator was a mess without his favorite crutch. Suddenly, his middling debate performances against Hillary Clinton made sense.

After this, of course, Obama won three debates against John McCain, participated in countless town hall-style events, and made so few gaffes you can count them on two hands.

The meme that appears to be that we should all be sorry for voting for Obama because he’s as dumb as the president Republicans voted for twice. That non sequitur logic will probably work with the Sara Palin crowd, but leaves the rest of us with whip lash.

One in 8 U.S. homeowners late paying or in foreclosure

About one in eight U.S. homeowners with mortgages, a record share, ended 2008 behind on their loan payments or in the foreclosure process as job losses intensified a housing crisis spawned by lax lending practices, the Mortgage Bankers Association said on Thursday.

With unemployment at a 16-1/2-year high and expected to continue rising until mid- to late 2010, more borrowers will pay late or fall into foreclosure this year, said the group’s chief economist.

“While California, Florida, Nevada, Arizona and Michigan continue to dominate the delinquency numbers, some of the sharpest increases we saw last quarter in loans 90 days or more delinquent were in Louisiana, New York, Georgia, Texas and Mississippi, signs of the spreading impact of the recession,” said Jay Brinkmann.

The WaPo wants Presidnet Obama to be grime. While others want him to be more positive. maybe he’s trying to be something we haven’t had enough of. A realistic adult that srtikes a balnce between grime and mindless cheerfulness, Obama touts US recovery amid grim economic news

Obama has shrugged off the critics and refused to bow to pressures from Wall Street, saying he is not concerned with the gyrations of the stock market.

He announced a White House conference next Thursday with officials from all 50 states to come up with the most effective ways to spend the stimulus money.

In Ohio, he again urged Americans to keep their eye on the big picture and give his recovery plan, which he says will save and create at least 3.5 million jobs over the next two years, time to work.

“Because of this plan, stories like the one we are celebrating here in Columbus will soon take place all over this nation,” he said on Friday. “All of this takes time and it will take patience.”

The 25 officers had been expected to be laid off before Columbus received about $4 million in stimulus money, but can now graduate. The city does not have the money for another graduating police class.


Obama said such small victories were being repeated around the country, but admitted “we’ve got big challenges ahead of us.”

“We inherited a big mess,” he said.

[  ]…Scott Paul, executive director of the Alliance for American Manufacturing, pointed to another 168,000 manufacturing jobs lost in February.

“This is a grim moment for American workers,” he said. “The economic recovery package passed last month was a good first step, but more needs to be done.”

Who said this,

“Even as Americans’ job prospects grow dimmer, their savings evaporate, and their budgets tighten, Washington Democrats seem more determined than ever to continue pursuing tax hikes and pork-barrel spending increases,”

One of the major architects of the current financial predicament and apparently a master of irony, House Republican Leader John Boehner. Must be a pretty decent con man and America still has its share of rubes or he wouldn’t still be in office.

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