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Wackadoo watch, Chuck Norris claims thousands of right wing cell groups exist and will rebel against U.S. government

During an appearance on the Glen Beck radio show he promised that if things get any worse from his point of view he may “run for president of Texas.” The martial artist/actor/activist claims that Texas was never formally a part of the United States in the first place and that if rebellion is to come through secession Texas would lead the way.

Today in his syndicated column on WorldNetDaily Norris reiterates the point: “That need may be a reality sooner than we think. If not me, someone someday may again be running for president of the Lone Star state, if the state of the union continues to turn into the enemy of the state.”

When BushCo manipulated the country into a trillion dollar qiqmire that costs the lives of over 4000 Americans and counting, Chuck didn’t say a word about the threat that posed to the rule of law and the integrity of our government. When Bush used signing statements to declare that the executive was not a co-equal branch of government, but a superior branch with greater authority, Norris waved his poms poms. Liberals, described as ‘deranged’ during the Bush years by the the Right, suggested hearings, censure and possible impeachment – we so crazy. The Right, after little more then a month of an Obama presidency is advocating armed insurrection and succession, very close to if not actual treaso;  the right-wing noise machine echo those sentiments as though they were holy writ. The kool-aid is getting stronger and the drinkers a little more crazed.


is it Blommberg’s editorial policy to publish any opinion regardless of its lack of basis in fact. Amity Shlaes writes this dark fairy tale about President Obama’s “National Coordinator of Health Information Technology”,

The administration seems almost to relish the sinister aspect of government-run health care. Otherwise it wouldn’t have created a position called “National Coordinator of Health Information Technology.” That’s a title worthy of Rhineheart, Neo’s boss, who tells him, “This company is one of the top software companies in the world because every single employee understands that they are part of a whole.”

Ironic that Shlaes uses a Matrix analogy since The Matrix was clearly a symbolic stand-in for the authoritarian Right,

But this just isn’t true. It’s not sort of true or arguably true or caught in arguments about the nature of truth. George W. Bush created the position of National Coordinator of Health Information Technology in 2004. Five years ago. The current director of the office is a Bush appointee by the name of Robert Kolodner. He has served there since 2006. He exists. If you prick him, he will bleed. If you touch him, he will recoil, because he is subject to our laws of space and time and as such was not somehow created by President Obama back when George W. Bush occupied the Oval Office.

Any month now we are certain to have one of the two yearly tirades by a Republican pundit bemoaning the fact that we can’t seem to have a rational or civil debate on the issues. Its difficult to have rational debates when Republicans just make things up. We have to correct them. They then claim they were either right on the merits, the facts didn’t matter or they were just joking (Limbaugh’s favorite cover story).