Torture Not Very Effective, Pro Obama Commenters Out To Conquer America

Detainee’s Harsh Treatment Foiled No Plots Waterboarding, Rough Interrogation of Abu Zubaida Produced False Leads, Officials Say. There is a quote from an unnamed source that claims,

“It’s simply wrong to suggest that Abu Zubaida wasn’t intimately involved with al-Qaeda,” said a U.S. counterterrorism official, speaking on the condition of anonymity because much about Abu Zubaida remains classified. “He was one of the terrorist organization’s key facilitators, offered new insights into how the organization operated, provided critical information on senior al-Qaeda figures . . . and identified hundreds of al-Qaeda members. How anyone can minimize that information — some of the best we had at the time on al-Qaeda — is beyond me.”

Even if that were true there is no evidence that Zubaida would not have given up a few bits of actionable information in interviews that adhered to the military field manual. In the same article,

Noor al-Deen, a Syrian, was a teenager when he was captured along with Abu Zubaida at a Pakistani safe house. Perhaps because of his youth and agitated state, he readily answered U.S. questions, officials said, and the questioning went on for months, first in Pakistan and later in a detention facility in Morocco. His description of Abu Zubaida was consistent: The older man was a well-known functionary with links to al-Qaeda, but he knew little detailed information about the group’s operations.

Note the national origins. Noor al-Deen was from Syria and Abu Zubaida was a Palestinian. The supporters of the Iraq invasion and subsequent occupation used nonexistent connections between al-Qaeda and Iraq as one of the major justifications for taking that action. We should have, based on that childishly simplistic premise then invaded Syria and Palestinian territory. Most Americans now see the Bush cabal as liars because of the deeply flawed logic highlighted by using the likes of al-Deen and Zubaida as smoking gun proof. al-Qaeda was always a non-state actor. Invading and occupying nations at billions of dollars a month – where are the anti-Iraq tea parties by the way – when al-Qaeda was and still is a cancer that exists in small enclaves around the world. If we invaded every nation that had a few members, that would be an unproductive tragedy to normal Americans, but the ultimate dream come true for the ever paranoid Right. Tapped notes that Jane Mayer covered much of this territory in her book The Dark Side,

After Zubayda was tortured, Bush claimed in 2006 that Zubayda had provided three important sources of intelligence, among them the identity of Jose Padilla, an American who is suspected of planning to plant a “dirty bomb” in an American city. Former administration officials quoted in the article point to Padilla as proof of both Zubayda’s value and the effectiveness of “enhanced interrogation.” But Mayer writes in her book that it has been “widely reported, and undisputed” that Zubayda told interrogators about Padilla before he was tortured. (Mayer writes that the other two claims were also dubious.)

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This editorial by Andrew Breitbart BREITBART: Online activists on the right, unite! reminds me of some old John Bircher pamphlets – the Right is America’s dominate political philosophy, but they’re also America’s biggest victims. The scary liberals are hiding behind every corner. Now, with the internet they’re patrolling right-wing sites and they’re…..gasp…shudder….leaving comments.

Political leftists play for keeps. They are willing to lie, perform deceptive acts in a coordinated fashion and do so in a wicked way – all in the pursuit of victory. Moral relativism is alive and well in the land of Hope and Change and its Web-savvy youth brigade expresses its “idealism” in a most cynical fashion.

He couldn’t be bothered to do a few basic things. Brietbart could not be bothered to provide a single example. The entire column would not past muster as a sixth graders report. Merely mentioning names is enough – in the unhinged mind – liberal, Media Matters and MoveOn are like four letters words whispered behind the barn cause they might get a whopp’n if anyone overhears. The sudden thirst for truth and feigned outrage by anyone on the Right  is laughable. The Bush administration couldn’t get through the day without a distortion, a half truth, a lie of omission or blatant falsification. The Right lied about everything from Iraq to giving up golf out of sympathy for the troops.

The answer is obvious. The right, for the most part, embraces basic Judeo-Christian ideals and would not promote nor defend the propaganda techniques that were perfected in godless communist and socialist regimes.

We know the Right has no respect at all for many if not all the Commandments. They have had their share of sex scandals. They relish killing people. They lie constantly and show no shame, nor will they apologize when caught. Maybe Andrew is reading his Ten Commandments through the bottom of an old glass Coke bottle. Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount is just so much liberal propoganda to the Right. First They Came for the Comments Sections

Andrew Breitbart, who is not at all a lunatic, informs us that Barack Obama has ordered hundreds, perhaps thousands, or even squajillions of his slavishly obedient digital stormtrooper jihadis to cruelly make fun of Hugh Hewitt in his blog’s comments section.
A digital war has broken out, and the conservative movement is losing. Read the comment sections of right-leaning blogs, news sites and social forums, and the evidence is there in ugly abundance. Internet hooligans are spewing their talking points to thwart the dissent of the newly-out-of-power.

Paranoia is the lynch pin that holds the rabid Right together, so you can hardly blame them for resorting to type when they squandered away control of all three branches of government and left the country bankrupt. Otherwise they’d have to look inward and hold themselves accountable. An act that would come close to violating all the known political laws of physics.

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