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Does CNN’s Tucker realize UAW’s “straight payback” includes loss of COLA, bonuses, dental?

CNN’s Bill Tucker reported that “some economists” say the Chrysler restructuring deal is a “straight payback” to the UAW from the Obama administration. But Tucker did not note any of the numerous concessions the union has reportedly made as part of a related deal.

Funny how the Right has tried to use the tea smokers/teabaggers as prof of their populist credentials, but at every opportunity not just to bash the rights of actual working Americans, but labor’s willingness to make concessions to business. Business management that just so great at doing business, looking out for the country, labor and the environment with that keen insight that the public should never question, much less regulate. The fairy tale the Right will sell America is that Chrysler failed because of labor, not because management sucked.

Mission accomplished. Remember that from six freak’n years ago, one year longer then it took a liberal to win two world wars.In Baghdad, dread grows with death tollReporting from Baghdad —

The crowds at the restaurants are thinning out. Parents have started to escort their children to school again. And cellphones are ringing more often than usual, with family members checking in just to ask, “Are you OK?” or “Is everyone safe?”

After a string of high-profile bombings and other attacks that killed 355 Iraqi civilians and security personnel and 18 U.S. troops last month nationwide, a pall has descended upon Baghdad, a lowering storm cloud swirling with echoes of the darkest days of Iraq’s civil war.

Above all, there is a sense of dread, rooted in the terrifying possibility that the calm that had brought the capital back to life over the last 18 months might have been just a lull.

“I feel a shadow of danger on the horizon, that the old days are coming back again,” Nidal Shahar, 36, said as she watched her children play in a nearly empty park along the Tigris River that would normally be crowded with families in the early evening hours. “It’s like we’re seeing the early phases again of the sectarian war.”