The Three Torturteers Might Get Their Hands Slapped

Charges Seen as Unlikely for Lawyers Over Interrogations

The draft report is described as very detailed, tracing e-mail messages between Justice Department lawyers and officials at the White House and the Central Intelligence Agency. Among the questions it is expected to consider is whether the memos reflected the lawyers’ independent judgments of the limits of the federal anti-torture statute or were skewed deliberately to justify what the C.I.A. proposed.

The report says there were lapses in judgment, but does not suggest thatJohn Yoo, Jay S. Bybee or Steven G. Bradburybe prosecuted. That does not mean the three torturteers are off the hook for ethical misconduct and possible disbarment. Onlt y that from what is know so far, it seems the DOJ thinks there is not enough evidence to prosecute, thinks its not worth the effort or political pressure is guiding their tendencies. WaPo reports that the ghost of toture cheerleaders are haunting the halls at DOJ, Bush Officials Try to Alter Ethics Report

Former Bush administration officials have launched a behind-the-scenes campaign to urge Justice Department leaders to soften an ethics report criticizing lawyers who blessed harsh detainee interrogation tactics, according to two sources familiar with the efforts.

Its really a typical Bush family operation, they always find a way to do the worse and keep their hands clean. As we are all still aware BushCo tried to pass off intelligence failures on Iraq’s supposed WMD capability and terrorist connections on the CIA. In the case of the OLC lawyers, while Bradley, Yoo, and Bybee are responsible for their ethical behavior, the Bushies pushed them to legal opinions based on a policy they had already decided to persue regardless of its merits or legality.