Black and White 35 MPH City wallpaper, Hey Newt Your Pants Are on Fire Again

Black and White City 35MPH wallpaper

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This is not political news as much as a very bad B-horror movie from the fifties, Newt Gingrich Still Calling for Pelosi’s Head

“Speaker Pelosi has damaged America’s safety. She’s made America less secure by sending a signal to the men and women defending our country that they can’t count on their leaders to defend them. And every day they spend worrying about being politically persecuted is a day we are made more vulnerable to a nuclear attack on one of our cities, a biological attack on one of our subways, or a bomb going off in one of our malls. America is losing ground because of Nancy Pelosi’s contempt for those who defend her.”

If Newt Gingrich’s pants caught on fire every time he lied, committed an act of corruption or adultery he’d be a crispy critter a hundred times over. A pile of talking ashes and the media would still be holding the microphone up to the pile to see what it had to say. Media Matters has a timely post up on Newt’s more recent efforts to get a gold medal in menadcity. Newt, much like Cheney and Limbaugh do a terrific job at recruiting new Democrats so please let’s not be too quick in tightening his leash. Someone in the media might want to ask Newt if his rabid sense of outrage applies equally to Republicans that have called the CIA a rogue organization filled with leftists and to his idol George W. Bush who declared in 2003,

Bush, in honoring U.N. Torture Victims Recognition Day yesterday, said, “The United States is committed to the worldwide elimination of torture and we are leading this fight by example. I call on all governments to join with the United States and the community of law-abiding nations in prohibiting, investigating, and prosecuting all acts of torture and in undertaking to prevent other cruel and unusual punishment.”

If Speaker Pelosi has through some kind of rhetorical magic marginally endangered the U.S., then Bush’s calls for investigation and prosecution of those that toture is even more guilty seeing that he was the decider-in-chief. Crook and Liars has a bit more more, Misogyny rules when Conservatives attack Nancy Pelosi. And related, a post on Cheney’s fforts to marginalize the CIA. Bush/Cheney made a drmatic shift away from CIA to Pentagon based intel because in many cases when it came down to questions about Iraq and terrorism or Iraq and al-Queda, they didn’t get the answers from the CIA they wanted to hear. Some of you might rememberDouglas Feith who served as the Undersecretary of Defense for Policy and started a little department at the Pentagon called the Office of Special Plans (that department was later disbanded). From 2003, Julian Borger reports on the shadow rightwing intelligence network set up in Washington to second-guess the CIA and deliver a justification for toppling Saddam Hussein by force. Now its a new game. because of one briefing, which was very short of details to Speaker Pelosi in 2002, Republicans that hated the CIA have decided that the CIA is their best friend. How convient. One of the best things the right-wing noise machine ever did for Democrats was to start this factless war on Speaker Pelosi. Every eurption gives liberals yet another chance to reiterate the facts about Iraq, the CIA, the Office of Special Plans and the fact that Bush and Cheney were resposnible for torture and murder, behavior that got American troops killed. It takes a lot of lies and twisted logic to connect Pelosi’s actions to endangering our troops, with Bush and the neocons its a straught and clear line.