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The Right’s reaction to Cheney’s speech was predictable, the rhetorical version of some ragged half starved animals lapping up some crumbs ladled out and injected to paranoiac sadist addicts who hadn’t had there regular fix of discredit neoconservatism. A political movement that put Iraq ahead of catching Bin Laden and rebuilding the store they vandalized while letting America sink into the worse financial crisis since the Great Depression. Their panic, disarray and ineptitude desperately portrayed by Cheney and rabid righties like Charles Krauthammer and the usual cabal of bunny slipper clad Republican bloggers. Losing and cowardice are the new virtues according to these deadenders. Simply repeating to the point of nauseous echo the same distortions has the magic wand effect, it makes everything lie that Cheney repeats for the umpteeth time, true. One cannot help but be impressed by the Right’s elevation of pure wussiness a la Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh, John Boehner and Sean Hannity and a cornucopia of drooling and unquestioning followers, as the same kind of bravery that epitomized the heroes of WW II, that actually knew something about war, toughness and winning. Cheney’s speech ignored some inconvenient truths

Cheney On Torture: Misinformation And Straw Men
Buchanan, Peters call Cheney speech “candid,” “accurate” despite discredited claims

The Right’s purple proses along the lines of some toothless smiles over Obama adopting, at least in the short term, a naother reason for a class action suit for national whiplash. Rather then express the gratitude that should come from less then a total rejection of every Bush policy( toture being somewhat an exception) the Right is out on the playyard trying to decide whether its hypocrisy or vindication or in the case of the paid pundits, yet more substanceless drivel to justify their over inflated salaries.