Palin Pushing for Victim Sainthood, Walsh Out Classes O’Reilly, The Right’s Lame Attempt to Paint Brunn as a Liberal

O’Reilly Rages Against Joan Walsh Over Tiller Murder (VIDEO)

Joan Walsh went on the O’Reilly Factor tonight having publicly vowed to be well-prepared to defend the reproductive rights of women and the legality of Dr. George Tiller’s clinical practice, and truly doled out some major ownage without raising her voice or raising the temperature at all. It was an artful performance of talking headery….

O’Reilly pulled his near patented yea sure you have free speech rights, but he does too and you’re a %&*@*& for using your free speech rights to dare disagree with Emperor Bill. Joan Walsh has an update over at Salon. I’m not sure whether it is to their credit or shame that O’Reilly and the few other conservatives that do interviews on TV or radio, but they get a maximal amount of milage out of question begging of the how often do you beat your dog type. They know if they ask an honest open ended question they’re get a cogent rebuttal – one of many reasons that the Rightwing pundits, with a few exceptions, have always impressed me as being weenies.

Sarah Palin

Palin Can’t Outsmart Letterman

Palin has spent much of her public life in feuds with the state legislature, with her ex-brother-in-law, with John McCain’s staff, with Levi Johnston’s family. An early fight with the chairman of Alaska’s Oil & Gas Commission paved the way to the governor’s office. She mostly wins, especially when the target is as easy, say, as a high-school dropout whose mother is under federal indictment. The Johnstons make the Palins look like Rockefellers.

Isn’t making a federal case out of a tasteless joke exactly what the right-wing loves to ridicule feminists for doing?

But picking a fight with a trained comedian, refusing to accept his apology, and continuing to battle after the white flag is shown reveals a complete lack of political sophistication.

Letterman apologized. The Right and Palin herself made the situation worse by trying to imply there was some hidden message within the top ten list that involved Palin’s younger daughter. Thus its Palin and the Republican bloggers and their deeply bizarre twisting of words and projections of their own fetid imaginations that now owe Letterman an apology. We know Palin doesn’t admit mistakes or act with a little grace. Because of the way she conducts her political life she has used her family and friends in a way that the political and the private have become nearly indistinquishable. Make a joke about her behavior and she has invariably held up one of her kids as a shield. Shameless behavior which hurts her children and insults the values of more moderate Americans who, if they haven’t already are beginning to see a trend where Palin is not a major player in a political movement, but more like a eccentric contestant on a reality show.

Obama on DOMA: He IS Keeping A Promise. Offers up some very valid reasons why Obama and the DOJ defended DOMA. I understand the legal reasoning think Obama is doing the right thing. Yet as Andrew Sullivan points out, the legal reasoning is sound, but what’s with the language used in the DOJ brief that included references/comparisons to incest and the ridiculous link to taxes is indefensible. This was a legal situation, not a ticking time bomb. Holder couldn’t have reached out to some legal eagles from the gay community to explain the situation and get their feed back on the language being used in the brief.

Speaking of jokes and the subjectivity of humor, the Conservative echo chamber’s attempts to portray a neo-nazi white supremacist as a liberal would make for a good skit on the Stephen Colbert Show, ‘Right-Wing’ Rhetoric on Hold After Museum Shooting , Conservatives Reject Association With James von Brunn

“Von Brunn would have been banned within his first three comments of posting at RedState, but would likely have enjoyed a long career as a recommended diarist at DailyKos.” Michelle Malkin, a conservative columnist who spent several days asking why President Obama did not immediately respond to the murder of Pvt. William Long, pointed to von Brunn’s hatred of neoconservatives and cited an FBI visit to the offices of the Weekly Standard as proof that he was an “equal opportunity hater.”

“From what I can tell,” explained Jonah Goldberg, the author of the 2008 bestseller “Liberal Fascism” and a writer for National Review, “his hatreds echoed the kind of stuff we hear from the Kos crowd, Chris Matthews, Andrew Sullivan et al.” Goldberg called Von Brunn “objectively crazy,” but argued that “his hatreds would be easier to find at an ANSWER rally than at CPAC.”

Though its hard to tell some days not all Conservatives are racists, anti-Semites and obviously most Republicans are not murderers. It might take a couple posts since there are hundreds a week, but Kos would have booted a racist in a heartbeat. We’re back to content and comments again with the Right claiming despite tons of proof to the contrary that everything they write is sweetness and light: Just two weeks ago Sen. James Inhofe said that President Obama was un-American, Rev Pat Robertson called Obama a socialist ( do any conservatives ever read any actual political science texts). Malkin and Redstate have also attempted to portray Brunn as liberal because he was some variant of 9-11 truther. Take a trip over to  Stormfront and there are plenty of posts that try to portray 9-11 as an inside job; a conspiracy between the U.S. government and Israel – which is in keeping with a well established aspect of the far right’s history – anti-Semitism.

Summer sailing wallpaper. When I was a kid someone taught me to sail in a little Sunfish sailboat.