Iran Clamps Down on Foreign Media

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Another thing homegrown conservatives have in common with Iranian’s conservatives is a basic hatred of the press. Where liberals are critical of the fairness of news coverage, conservatives simply despise the press as an institution. That is unless they own and control that press like US conservatives own and use outlets like the Washington Times, The New York Post, The Weekly Standard and Clear Channel affiliates. Iran’s system is a dream come true, they own and control the content of the broadcast media. The press, acting as the world’s witnesses and documentarians are seen as a threat by Iran’s conservatives. It is always the same, those that desire rule by authority do not want anyone distorting the narrative they want the world to believe, Unrest in Iran Sharply Deepens Rift Among Clerics

There was no verifiable accounting of the death toll from the mayhem on Saturday, partly because the government has imposed severe restrictions on news coverage and warned foreign reporters who remained in the country to stay off the streets.

It also ordered the BBC’s longtime correspondent in Tehran expelled and ordered Newsweek’s correspondent detained.

State television said that 10 people had died in clashes, while radio reports said 19. The news agency ISNA said 457 people had been arrested.

Vowing not to have a repeat of Saturday, the government on Sunday saturated major streets and squares of Tehran with police and Basij militia forces. There were reports of scattered confrontations but no confirmation of any new injuries by evening.