Blue Lagoon Waterfall wallpaper

Blue Lagoon Waterfall wallpaper

Mountaintop mining proposals to face more stringent review

“The administration’s decision will bring tighter scrutiny, but it is still important to pass the Cardin-Alexander legislation that would prohibit blowing off the tops of mountains and putting the waste in our streams,” said Alexander, a committee member. “Coal is an essential part of our energy future, but it is not necessary to destroy our environment in order to have enough of it.”

The sponsors of the legislation are Sen. Benjamin Cardin, D-Md and Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn. It should be embarrassing for the Obama administration to not see the long term costs of mountain removal while one of the more prominent conservatives in the Senate does.

The National Mining Association and that wacky James Inhofe R-OK claim that stopping coal extraction by means of MTR will costs jobs is blatantly ludicrous. One major reason the coal industry likes MTR is because it uses fewer workers. It also doesn’t address either the immediate or long term consequences in the loss of non-coal industry jobs, the lost of clean water from mountain streams or the destruction of America’s natural heritage. Then are probably plenty of Republicans like Alexander who do not want to leave their children an America that is nothing but slag piles and parking lots. Like most of these environmental battles there has been a deluge of disinformation and lobbying financed by the deep pockets of the coal industry versus grass roots citizens and their contributions to environmental organizations. Thus far Obama hasn’t shown the bone headed determination to continue the practice the way the Bush administration did, but seems somewhat reluctant to take the stand supported by the majority of voters.

Defying parody once again, Rush Limbaugh lays the Sanford affair at President Obama’s feet

I’m not [kidding]. My first thought was he said, ‘To hell with this. The Democrats are destroying the country. We can’t do anything to stop it. I gave everything I had to stop it here in South Carolina.’ … Folks, there are a lot of people looking at life and saying, ‘screw it.’ They’re saying, ‘screw it.’ Before Obama takes away their money, before Obama takes away their house, or the economy takes away their house, there are people who are saying, “To hell with all this…. I’m just going to try to enjoy it as much as I can.’

Following Limbaugh’s logic he’ll be defending the wave of nation wide hedonistic bacchanalias by his fellow Republicans.

And speaking of who has taken what money, could us Democrats that didn’t support turning Iraq into America’s largest welfare state have a refund for the one trillion dollars Bush spent. More then enough to cover a public health option and extend unemployment benefits for the economy Limbaugh’s fiscal philosophy left in shambles.