U.S. News and World Report Models Cap and Trade Opinion Column on Pravda

Peter Roff at U.S. News had been studying his old Soviet issues of Pravda thus the genuinely clever Democrats Admit That Their Cap and Trade Bill Is a Job Killer. Democrats who often times embrace reality, at least more often the the party for who Roff is happy to genuflect, know that economic seismic shifts in economic transitions require new skill sets and have planned accordingly. Roff would like his readers to believe that such virtues and foresight are bad things. How 2003/Bush/neocons of him. One thing you have to believe, and this is not the first time, is that unions want to destroy jobs. You have to believe that hundreds of thousands of Americans enjoy being unemployed, if not Roff and his many echoes come up grasping at straws. Unions have largely supported cap and trade. One of the reasons is they think, and it is their future at stake, that the future is green, Cap and trade will clean and fuel our economy, too (written by Fred Krupp and Andrew Liveris – Krupp is president of the Environmental Defense Fund. Liveris is president, chief executive officer and chairman of board of the Dow Chemical Co.)

The new technologies that the cap-and-trade approach will create will also create new jobs for America. A single wind turbine, for example, contains 250 tons of steel and 8,000 parts, from ball bearings and electronic controls to gearboxes. Jobs manufacturing those parts can be created right here in America, especially in our manufacturing heartland, the Midwest. Ohio has lost more than 213,000 manufacturing jobs since 2000. For Michigan, the figure is almost 497,000 jobs lost. One way to jump-start our economy is with a cap-and-trade bill.

Roff conveniently forgets to mention the half a million good paying jobs lost since 2000 when there was no cap and trade.Cap-and-trade bill creates green jobs

The Michigan congressional delegation has been working hard to protect and promote the auto industry, including garnering $50 billion in low-interest loans for automakers to retool their production facilities. U.S. Rep. John Dingell, D-Dearborn, deserves credit for leading the fight to secure 3 percent of the revenue from the auctioning of carbon emission permits, worth an estimated $10 billion to $20 billion over the next 20 years, for the auto industry to develop advanced technology vehicles.

Two labor-environmental groups, the Blue Green Alliance and Apollo Alliance, support this legislation.

[  ]…Green jobs also pay well; 13 of the top 15 sectors of green employment have weekly wages above the overall private sector weekly average. The Steel Workers union reminds us that each wind turbine built contain 250 tons of steel and thousands of machined parts.

Roff’s propaganda is so easy to shoot down its serves as one of the lesser examples of winger welfare – minimal effort exerted to pick up excessive pay. He couldn’t be bothered to work hard enough to make even a remotely plausible argument. Though as usual the rightie sheeple in the comments cannot praise him high enough. Some people just have low standards for proof and logic.