Scenes from Wingnutville

Scenes from Wingnutville

Tea Party Founder Announces: “A Huffington Post Of Our Own”

A few lines above ALA’s not-a-single-person-makes-money statement, they lay out their plans for a revenue-sharing model for bloggers who participate in Project 73,

All bloggers/writers are required to submit two posts per week (minimum). There is a revenue sharing system in place that will help you earn revenue on the posts you get published.

Sounds reminiscent of uber conservative Pajamas Media. If their revenue model is as successful, expect this mysterious rightie answer to HuffPo to be eating choking on its own dust rather quickly.

Odom is setting up a “news” site that he admits will tell only his “side” of the issues. And bloggers get paid only if the editorial team approves their posts. In other words, bloggers will get paid only when their articles are in agreement with the site’s founder.

Eric Odom and Ken Marerro, the founders of the tea bagger movement and heads of ALA, have made their living by creating and managing professional, well-funded websites that appear at first glance to be grassroots.

Remember all the talk among conservative pundits about reinventing the Republican party just after the 2008 election cycle. Its sounds like they’re determined to be the same ideologically rigid fudpuckers they’ve always been. Much like Democrats lack of such message discipline is our strength and weakness, at least up through the the first year of Bush’s second term, having a zealous and disciplined message was conservative’s strength. While its never a good idea to underestimate one’s opponent, trying to continue that same rigidity on a web site that has ambitions to be the conservative HuffPo ( which gives its contributors lots of editorial freedom. Web traffic at HuffPo is in the millions per month) might be interesting to watch.