Square Top Mountain wallpaper

Square Top Mountain wallpaper

Time is a little short today so just some headlines:

Conservatives have gone Hollywood, first they saw death panels and now they hear voices, Breitbart burns Beck, Dobbs, right-wing media with false claim of “Community Organizers Praying TO” Obama

Who knew that America’s emergency rooms were handing out one stop miracle cures for depression, rboken bones, diabetes and cancer, Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA). says that constituent who has major depression should go to the emergency room.

The Lynching Of ACORN – If Republicans would hold themselves to the same standards of immaculate perfection they hold ACORN the United States would look much less like a banana republic.

Watchdogs: Health industry giving more to Congress than thought – Say hello to Sen. Max Baucus(D) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). The best representation the health-care industry can buy.

Newsmax removes, runs away from military coup-advocating column – A  Newsmax spokesperson, when questioned about the column tried to act like they never hear of the guy, even though he is a regular contributor.

A Friday cheer to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who thinks the only circumstances under which Rep. Alan Grayson should aplogize is that is all the Republican zealots in Congress – see Rep. Broun above,  Trent Frank(R) Chuck Grassley(R) and others also apologize.