The New Conservatives are as Big a Liars, Corrupt and Unethical as the Old Conservatives

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Senator John Ensign(R) of Nevada tried to bribe himself some silence after his affair with a staffer’s wife, but it also turns out he tried to get Senate staffer Doug Hampton a job as part of the please keep quiet package. The job gave Hampton’s lobbying clients head of the class access to Ensign’s office.

ACORN Is the New Dirty Word

The attack on ACORN isn’t about fighting corruption. If it was, then dozens of corporations with federal contracts far larger than ACORN’s would be under investigation now, or would already have been cut off. The anti-ACORN Senate bill implicates any government contractor that has fraudulent paperwork, or is accused of violating lobbying or campaign finance laws. That list includes Blackwater, the private security contractor that has been implicated in civilian deaths during the Iraq war. Florida Congressman Alan Grayson is collecting a list of such contractors.

The lack of balance in the ACORN saga would be even worse if not for a hand full of newspapers printing columns like this one. Why aren’t the broadcast media wondering out loud why Congress – both Democrats and Republicans are holding ACORN to standards that are not used for the Republican party, right-wing pundits (Drudge, Fox, The Washington Times, the co-ed page of the WSJ) and government contractors like Xe(Blackwater).

Jon Stewart Schools Sean Hannity About History, The Food Chain (VIDEO) – Its a battle about water rights – water brought to farmers courtesy a government program of dams and water diversion. The farmers had a stage, lights and lots of signs to wave around. All the Federation of Fishermen had was a plain spoken representative. Easy to guess who Hannity the drama queen decided to take sides with. Just another day with a right-wing hack bungling a report on a complicated issue.

Newsbusters, that paragon of conservative hackery has this spindiffic post up on President Obama daring to connect health-care reform to small business growth and unemployment, Essay: Obama Now Links Job Growth to Healthcare Reform. In comparison to the usual right-wing hackery on conservative blogs it does spin what to its conservative readers seem like some plausible propaganda that can be passed around the water cooler. Part lies, part distortion and they might have one part right – the part where they point to Democrat Robert Reich’s critique of the administration’s record of job creation. 10% doesn’t look good on any president’s resume, but  that 10% is not on Obama’s resume. Bush and a Republican controlled Congress own 7.6%. It has edged up to ten because the economy Bush left America was rolling down hill. In 8 months Obama has managed to stop the hemorrhaging. Will health-care reform help small business which in turn increase hiring, this conservative writer at Businessweek thinks it will. In this article at CNN/Money it reports that most small business owners would prefer some type of public option.  Newsbusters acts as though some heresy has committed by the White House when its NB that seems out of touch with reality. Not a big surprise, reality is one of the things you have to give up in the Republican party initiation ceremony. The NB piece is part of the current attempt by conservatives to make the past eight years dissappear down the memory hole, Let’s make it all Obama’s fault Republicans know whom to blame for the problems in the world — no matter when they started

The attempt to blame Obama for the whole state of the world isn’t limited to TARP, though that’s the most glaring example. Republicans routinely talk about the number of jobs lost since the administration took office, as if the entire recession started at the stroke of noon on Jan. 20. “Americans are asking, ‘Where are the jobs?'” House GOP leader John Boehner said Thursday. “But since the ‘stimulus’ was signed, we’ve lost roughly 3 million private sector jobs, and we’re nearing 10 percent unemployment.” True enough. But you rarely hear the GOP mentioning that unemployment was at 7.6 percent in January 2009, Bush’s last month on the job. Or that White House economists believe that without the stimulus, another million jobs would have been lost this year so far. Some GOP strategists even seem to have forgotten who was responsible for the federal government in August 2005. “Here is the government that gave us the compassion of the IRS, the efficiency of the Post Office, and the effectiveness of Katrina, and now they want to take over our healthcare?” Republican message guru Frank Luntz told Fox News’ Sean Hannity after Obama’s healthcare reform speech last month. “Sean, use those three together and you have got a powerful message.” And sure enough, at the Values Voter Summit, the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins used the same line.

Democrats like Robert Reich might be right about the Obama crew’s emphasis on recovering Wall St rather then job creation, but just a few months ago lots of people were saying that it would be years before Wall St or jobs recovered. If, as Madden suggests jobs start to pick up after the first of the year, the Right will still be whining, but they’ll be doing it in an echo chamber of other righties, not in new seats in Congress.

Rooting against America: Beck, other conservatives cheer elimination of Chicago’s Olympic bid

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal(R) turns down $300 million in stimulus funds for high-speed rail. Kind of difficult for moderate Americans to belive the tripe from the Wall Street Journal and Newsbusters about job creation when Republicans are fighting the creation of jobs and getting America ready for the future.