Dorset Lighthouse wallpaper

Dorset Lighthouse wallpaper

Steve Forbes On Fox Panelist Says Creating Green Energy Jobs Is A Bad Thing. Forbes is echoing the same falsehoods perpetuated by a right-wing think tank about Spain’s transition to green energy( a transition that has benefited both Spain’s workers and technology sector) that has received funding from Exxon-Mobil. Pseudo-science plus pseudo-economic studies equals the truth for Forbes and Fox. Forbes is yet another fine example of conservative meritocracy, much like George W. Bush, having never done an honest day’s work in his via the family name and fortune. The least one should expects from the Forbes of the conservative gravy train is a little humility. They should by all means enjoy their luck and life circumstances, but keeping their foot in the face of working class Americans is the very class warfare conservatives say does not exist.

Not news particularly, but a study to be published in Trends in Cognitive Sciences shows that torturing people is counter productive.

Robert Samuelson at the WaPo of all places acknowledges that President Obama’s economic policies keep the economy from sliding into The Great Depression Redux. Many of us are not happy with some of the individual aspects of those policies, i.e. Goldman Sachs, but that is a issue within the bigger picture. How to spin the stimulus

Using two very different estimation methods, the CEA found that the fiscal stimulus has raised real GDP growth by roughly 2 to 3 percentage points in both the second and third quarters. We estimated that as of August, it had raised employment relative to what otherwise would have occurred by approximately one million. We also showed that our estimates were very much in line with those of a broad range of private forecasters and the Congressional Budget Office. There is a widespread consensus (except perhaps on the op-ed page of the Wall Street Journal) that this aspect of the policy response has been highly effective at alleviating the real decline and counteracting the effects of the financial crisis.

Bush 43 was supposed to be the new improved compassionate conservative. In many ways over the last three years the Right with the media’s assistance has been promoting Mike Huckabee as the newer new compassionate conservative. He’s just as much an opportunistic self promoting hustler as any Republican,  Huckabee sends viewers to his PAC under the guise of signing a petition. And if there is wacky extremist contest Glenn beck would probably beat Huckabee, but just by a hair, Still Another 10 Moments in Mike Huckabee’s Extremism

32. Huckabee Uses Ted Kennedy to Push Death Panels Myth
33. Huckabee Warns of “Union of American Socialist Republics”
34. Huckabee Says Governors Should Ignore Court Rulings
35. Huckabee Sees “Hand of God” in Prop 8 Victory
36. Huckabee Claims Civil Rights of Gays Not Being Violated
38. Huckabee Calls for Abolition of IRS and Putting Politics in the Pulpit
40. Huckabee Headlines Electromagnetic Pulse Conference

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