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I Don’t Know Much About Art, but I Know I’m a Right-Wing Moron – a story in which a freeper notices a shiny object and tugs at it with his chewed on toe nails until he is darn sure he has uncovered this week’s synthetic scandal.

Well, the wingers have determined – with their characteristic insight and certainty – that it does. The Freeper’s blaring headline trumpets “Obvious Copy” and “Apparent Fraud”. Gateway Pundit declares that “it’s just too bad [the Thomas work] is a fake”. Scared Monkeys congratulates Gateway Pundit for “confirming” this; noting “there is a fraud in The White House. But we already knew that didn’t we? What a metaphor.” The always-idiotic Ann Althouse tries condescension – something she is uniquely unsuited for: “Anyway, it’s really sad to see this sentimental stretching to identify African-American artists. There are plenty of real ones, and mistakes like this make it seem as though there are not and that patronizing — which really ought to be called racism — is necessary.”

Its like watching the asylum scene from Suddenly Last Summer where the patients start tugging at Elizabeth Taylor’s dress. Michelle Malkin posts an explanation of the painting from Art in America,

A good place to begin thinking about Alma Thomas’s ravishing late work might be the moment in 1964 when, close to paralysis and bedridden, the 73-year-old artist found herself staring at the hollyhock shadows she had known her entire life and calculating how to use them in her paintings. A year earlier, she had seen the late Matisse cutouts at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Matisse’s work had prompted her to paint an acrylic-on-canvas version of his collage The Snail (1953), in which nearly all the original colors were reversed. Thomas named her painting Watusi (Hard Edge), after Chubby Checker’s dance hit “The Watusi.” As well as marrying high modernism with the popular culture of black America–then entering the American mainstream–the title she chose noted Matisse’s debt to African art.

Having posted this background on the “Obvious copy” -“fake” we all know that reading is fundamental, but its a useless skill without the reading comprehension component. As Lean Left explains in painstaking detail artists using the work of other artists as a form of commentary is a tradition – not one I’m fond of, but a tradition. Thomas’s work is not even as derivative as Andy Warhol. Without apology and quite intentionally uses a kind of mirror image of the paining to make her our statement. Patriot Boy has his own take, Michelle Malkin, Racialist Art Investgator

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann seriously thinks two millionaire bags of hot air are the voices of the American people. Maybe in an America on another planet. Though Beck and Limbaugh do seem to be the voice of the Village of Wingnuttia.

John Assrocket at Powerline reads this poll from Rasmussen ( which has a history of pro Right bias) 60% View American Society As Fair and Decent

Twenty-seven percent (27%) of all voters say U.S. society is basically unfair and discriminatory, up six points from late August and the highest level measured since December.

Only 14% of African-Americans now feel society is fair and decent. That number has dropped 41 points from 55% a month after Obama took office. Sixty-six percent (66%) of black voters think society is unfair and discriminatory, up 26 points since early February.

Assrocket’s air tight logic,

The only possible answer is that many Americans have opposed President Obama’s policies. But why would that cause African-Americans to think that our society is “discriminatory” rather than “decent”? No mystery there: in a well-coordinated campaign, the Democratic Party has relentlessly portrayed all disagreement with the Obama administration’s policies as “racist.” That contemptible and divisive tactic had seemed to produce no results, but we now see that it had one consequence: alienating African-Americans from their country.(emphasis mine)

Maybe, just maybe there are other reasons then some kind of weird double back flip jujitsu manipulation by the new President, The State of Minorities: The Recession Issue

In December 2008, unemployment rates for minorities were substantially higher than those for whites. The unemployment rate for African Americans amounted to 11.5 percent, compared to 8.9 percent for Hispanics, and 6.3 percent for whites. That is, minorities were at least more than 40 percent more likely than whites to experience unemployment at the end of 2008.

Furthermore, although the unemployment rate rose for all groups, it increased much faster for minorities than for whites.

Even back in June of 2008 with the mere possibility that an African American might become president interest in joining white supremacist groups started to increase, White Supremacists Report an Increase in Visits to Their Web Sites. Assrocket is an actual lawyer. If he argues cases it makes one wonder about his competency since he keeps up with the news and finds the only possible reason for something is some lame nonsense that seems to only exist in his imagination. The “Democratic Party” has done this or that would carry a little more weight if Assrocket could provide a few examples. That he did not is typical of the laziness that infects conservative commentary – for examples check the front page of Media Matters.

Georgia restaurant uses N-word on anti-health care reform sign

And there is something in the news about some Peace Prize and that alienator of affections President Obama.