Leaves Changing Autumn wallpaper

Leaves Changing Autumn wallpaper

Limbaugh: “We all agree with the Taliban and Iran” that Obama does not deserve Nobel, just one of the typical reactions by the Right. Limbie lives down to the expectations predicted by Jerome Doolittle at Bad Attitudes, Nobel Peace Prize Talking Points. One of the most frequent and supposedly clever attacks by conservative bloggers and pundits is the Nobel Peace Prize is both all just politics and is meaningless. If the prize is political and meaningless then why all the hateful vitriol and implied envy. Glenn Greenwald has a point somewhere in this post – Accusing Obama critics of “standing with the terrorists”– the problem is that many of the moderate writers that he says are being too hyperbolic use direct quotes, like the one above from Limbaugh. Yes, unfortunately some moderates have replied to the shrill Right with some shrillness of their own, but this is one of the extremely rare times in years of near daily faux outrage from the Right, where usually reasonable moderates just happened to shout that enough was enough. And for goodness sake nobody cares what Fidel Castro thinks about anything one way or the other, he’s a walking dinosaur with with about as much relevance as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell(R-KY). This is from one of Glenn’s colleagues at Salon Joe Conason that proves the point, The vast right-wing conspiracy is back

Using a photo of Mohammed Atta, the first NRT ad connected Obama to the 9/11 hijackers with the false claim that he wanted to permit illegal immigrants to get drivers licenses. FactCheck.org described that ad as “one of the sleaziest false TV ads of the campaign.”

[  ]…Beyond spreading paranoia about the Foster tragedy, Ruddy and Scaife both played central roles in the distribution of nearly half a million copies of “The Clinton Chronicles” and other covert machinations against the Clinton White House –- most notably the “Arkansas Project,” a $2.4 million scheme to dig up or invent crimes by the president and first lady, with assistance from several unsavory characters, including die-hard segregationist Jim Johnson…

The conservative character assassination bureau does not hit the bottom of the public debate gutter on occasion, it lives there. Glenn is much better when using his space keeping the heat on Obama to repair the rips Bush and conservatives ( with a few complacent Democrats) made in the Constitution, making job creation a priority over helping too big to fail banks make their quarterly profits and a sane policy for wrapping things up in Afghanistan.